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Pests, these days, seem to be taking over. They are everywhere we go; they get into rubbish, and we all know someone who has had an issue with pests that needed resolving. Some are relatively harmless; others are more dangerous. However, none are wanted in our homes or gardens, so utilising pest solutions in London is imperative.

Three of the biggest pests that invade our lives, particularly in urban London, are foxes, pigeons and rodents. Here at Pest Control in London, we want you to rest easy at night, so we have come up with some home help tips to prevent being terrorised by pests.


Foxes are traditionally depicted as cute and fluffy animals that stuck to stealing eggs and chickens from farms, but of late they are much more common within inner city locations, scouting out your homes for food to scavenge from the rubbish.

Foxes can be aggressive and disease-ridden; they are territorial creatures that will fight to protect what they believe is theirs and have been known to injure pets and even humans in the process.


While pigeons are more of an annoyance, they are still considered to be vermin that carry disease. It is rare to see a lone pigeon, so if you see one – there will be more around. While they pose no immediate threat, droppings left can damage buildings, vehicles and can cause illness in humans if left over time.


Pest solutions in London are often centred around rodents. Both rats and mice are reclusive animals that avoid human contact, so if you spot one around your home, it is almost certain that there is an infestation nearby. Rodents cause lots of damage to houses by chewing and gnawing; they breed fast and carry disease, as well as fleas and ticks.

In all situations where there is a suspected infestation, it makes sense to call in the professionals who can help eradicate the problem as fast as possible. Not only do we provide pest solutions in London and the wider area, but we use effective control methods that guarantee results.

For more information on how we can help you feel safe and pest free in your home, please contact us today,  and relax, you’re in good hands.




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