Lady and the Tramp

We all know the wonderful tale that Walt Disney told us about the Lady and the Tramp, and the romantic moment they shared while dining outside with their spaghetti. However, this kind of moment can’t be shared without the risk of mice or rats hanging around.

Unlike the romantic tale that we saw during the Disney Classic, more often than not in London, you are never more than 10 metres away from a rat, which means all the diseases that they carry, too.

Upon spotting a rat, it can be tempting to purchase some poison or traps and think you are capable of dealing with the issue. Unfortunately, you could make things much worse – not to mention endangering yourself, your family and even your business or home.

Here at Pest Control in London we are experts in the field of dealing with infestations efficiently, hygienically and safely.

So how can you spot when something just isn’t quite right?

The initial, most obvious sign is the sight of a living or dead rat. Typically, the rodents prefer to live in the shadows away from human contact; however, if they are out in the open it is likely there is already a problem, and that there is little to no room left for them to hide away in.

Droppings, grease or dirt marks are a common hint that there is a problem. If you see any kind of mucky marks along floors, walls or skirting boards – it may be a very clear indicator of unwelcome visitors. Nobody wants this in their home, so call in the experts!

Rats are known to gnaw and chew on items such as wires, wood, plastic and almost anything else their teeth will break through. This will typically appear rough and jagged and will be a clear indicator of a potential issue.

Another final point worth noting is that the sound of rats can be quite noticeable, in particular, their scurrying at night or chewing/gnawing sounds.

If you are in any doubt, whatsoever contact the rat removal experts and get peace of mind that the issue will be dealt with professionally and fully.


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