Keep pests away from crop fields

pest control in agricultural land fields

Pests are the major common factors that disturb the growth of the agricultural plant in the field. The occurrence of pests in the field of agricultural lands reduces the profit of a certain year and ends in an unexpected economic fall. The pests can inflict vast damage to agricultural farms. Once the action is not taken, they reduce the growth of crops or even destroy the entire agricultural field.

There are different types of pest control measures for pests in agricultural land. some pest attacks affect human activities and cause dangerous infections. Here we discuss types of pests and best control preferences to control pests in your agricultural land.

The pests are classified into two groups, they are 

  1. Micro pest in farm
  1. Macro pest in farm

Micro pests as the name suggests are the moderately smallest size and the presence of this type pests in agricultural is entirely risky to notice. Examples: worms, armyworms, thrips,  leaf miners, stem borers.

Likewise, the macro least are quite large in size and the presence of this type of pest in agricultural lands is easy to notice.  These types of pests are noticed by the naked eye.

Examples: cabbage looper, flies, mollusks, mice.

The efficient Pest control techniques

There are four basic techniques for pest control in agricultural fields, the control mechanism is practiced with respect to the nature of pests.

  1. The manual method of pest control
  2. The chemical method of pest control
  3. Farming method of pest control
  4. The natural method of pest control

Let’s discuss how these methods are used to control pests in agricultural land.

The manual method of pest control

The manual method of pest control is for macro pests. The presence of this kind of pests is confirmed by the farm owners.

pest control in agricultural areas

Hunting, fire alarms, voltage power, rat catcher are some manual methods of pest control taken by farm owners or by security persons to save the crops in agricultural farms from pests.

The chemical method of pest control

The chemical method is the usage of a chemical substance or toxic substances to get relieved of pests from the agricultural farm. These kinds of chemicals are poisonous, combine this with measured water and spray equally on crops. This method of pest control is used to control the micro pests like thrips, aphids, snail, and bugs.

Note: The chemical methods are the same as pesticides, maybe the usage of pesticides cause health issues to the consumer, and the cost is also too high.

Farming method of pest control 

This is natural control of pests from the agricultural field, here we cultivate some pest controlling plants with our crops. This may help to keep away the pests from infection.

This method is cost-effective and there is no initiation of health issues for consumers.

The natural method of pest control

This is also the kind of natural method to control pests from agricultural land. Here we use chemical-free pesticides for crops. Lots of bio-control pesticides are available in the market. Try to utilize them and make your agricultural property as pest-free land.


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