Invasion of the Super Rat

Following on from our previous blog that focused on the common rat that can become a pest in your house, here at Pest Control in London, we bring alarming news. There have been reports of “super rats” that are resistant to pesticides and are all set to seek solace in your homes this winter.

According to the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), certain species of rat are not only becoming immune to toxic pellets that you can buy in supermarkets but in some cases, they are feeding the rats and, in fact, fuelling their growth.

While everyday rats are still being exterminated by these pellets, the super rat population is on the rise at a frightening rate. With colder weather now upon us, natural food sources are diminishing for rats, and they are being forced to look elsewhere for sustenance; namely in homes and business premises.

This news is distressing for a number of reasons. Rats have been known to spread disease and bacteria; they breed at an alarmingly fast rate, and they like to chew and gnaw at furniture amongst other things left at floor level that could contain food.

So, how do you go about protecting your family and loved ones from an invasion of super rats?

Firstly, you need to rat-proof your home. Block any entrances that a rat can use, they can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps so be wary of gaps under doors and cracks in walls. Fill and seal where you can. Cover drains and repair any significant damage to your home.

Second of all, spot the signs. If you see a rat, find droppings or hear scratching noises in the walls, floors or ceilings, then there is every possibility that you already have an infestation.


Finally, call in the professionals. While these super rats are resistant to everyday rat pellets, the pesticides we use here at Pest Control in London are much stronger and much more likely to eliminate your rat problem.

For more information on how to spot rats in your home or rats in your business, or, if you have any other pest-related queries; give us a call today. Alternatively, if you would like to enquire about Pest Control in London carrying out a pest audit for you, then please click here.

Together, we will exterminate the pests in your home.


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