Insect Proof Your London Garden

Every London garden has pests. It is almost impossible to completely eradicate pests from your garden. But you can fight back against pests without risking the health of your plants or spending lots of money.

The tips we’re giving you in this post can be used together to protect against problem insects and other pests in your garden. Many problems can be approached on several fronts. So if one solution doesn’t work, move on to the next. When it comes to London pest prevention, you need to stay alert. It’s easier to protect your garden and your home if you act before or at the earliest signs of trouble.

london garden with a pest


  • Fencing – Pests such as rabbits may be put off if you have a fence securely buried into the ground. For any young plants you have in your garden, try surrounding them with their own small fencing to keep insects off.
  • Netting – Bird netting is great for covering your plants and trees. It’s effective against birds and insects, but still lets your plants get plenty of light and water.
  • Chemicals – Animal scent products and essential oils are a great way to prevent insects from nibbling on your plants. Remember they need to be reapplied frequently, especially when it rains.

Pick The Right Plants

  • Keep them dry – Keeping the leaves of your plants as dry as possible eliminates water sources for insects, so they will be less encouraged to come into your garden.
  • Rotate them – Regularly moving your plants around means that insects won’t remember where their favourite food was, so will look elsewhere for something to nibble on.
  • Check your grass – Checking your grass regularly for any sign of damage could save your plants and the rest of your garden being destroyed by insects.

Insect Control

Remember not all insects are bad for your garden. You need bees in your gardens to pollinate your plants and any veg you may have growing. Some insects even perform a service by eating other harmful insects. Spraying your garden with insecticides will kill off the good bugs as well as the bad. So it should be avoided if possible. Call in our professional team of pest controllers if you have an insect problem in your London garden.

  • Pick them off – If you’ve noticed larger insects like caterpillars, just hand pick them off.
  • Waste management – Remove and destroy any infested plants, don’t put them in the compost. Remove fallen fruit, leaves and other debris from around your garden too.


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