Infographic: Pest Dangers To Pets

Pet owners are most likely aware of fleas. Those who take care of an indoor pet, particularly cats and dogs, have most probably experienced fleas at a time in their pet’s day to day life. Treating your pet is certainly the main point of action when you notice the signs of an infestation, but have you considered the full range of pests that pose a threat to the health of your pets?

Rodents also pose a huge risk to pets. A lot of cats and dogs will give chase to a rodent, but what would happen if that rat spun around and bit your pet? Rodents can spread terrible illnesses, and one bite is all it takes to affect your pet. It is always advisable to keep an eye out for clues that rodents are around your property, such as droppings and gnawed furniture, not only for the security of your beloved pets but for the safety of yourself and your family too.

Particularly in the hotter months, wasps are also an issue. Wasps will sting any pet they feel threatened by, but dogs are the most susceptible to their poison. Ticks are another familiar pest pet owners have regular contact with. These parasites will drink the blood from your pets skin, and can also carry potentially lethal diseases. If you have a pet that goes outdoors, be sure you regularly check them over, and if you find a tick then take your pet to the vets immediately to have it removed.

Check out our top pet and pest tips below:

pests that are dangerous to your pets

We hope this super infographic will provide you with more information on these pests and others that are dangerous to your pets. The best method to keep your pets protected from pests is to be vigilant about your pest prevention, and at the first signs of infestation to call out a professional pest control technician in London, such as ourselves.


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