Deter Rodents Without Chemicals

If you are seriously interested in getting rid of pests without chemicals or pesticides, you certainly aren’t the only one. You are just one of the quickly growing groups that is looking to achieve rat pest control without the use of harmful chemicals. If you want to learn more, here are some great tips and general information so that you know where to start.

Peppermint oil

Rodents (and many pests in general) hate peppermint oil because it’s a harsh smell to them. So, put that stuff around where you find that rats and/or mice have been hanging out, and you’ll notice them take off pretty quickly. Re-spray this scent as often as you can to keep up the positive results. Though it’s not a perfect option, it does help in a lot of instances.


Dryer sheets

Maybe silly, but rats and mice hate dryer sheets. If they are causing you problems, then put the dryer sheets in the same places you’ve noticed droppings or chew marks, and you’ll see them move out before too long, in a similar way to the peppermint oil spray. These are great to put in wardrobes and to block up the rodents’ entry holes, as the smell will infiltrate the space and make them want to leave and not come back.


Bring home a predator

Definitely a good option for those who love animals as well as caring about the pests themselves is to adopt a dog or cat that loves to hunt. You’ll be giving a rescue animal a home, but you will also help your home stay pest free longer, and it is easier to put into action than other means of pest control. Local pet shelters are always a great place to start.


Learning how to get rid of rats without using pesticides may seem unconventional and even impossible, but it can be done. There have been people doing it for years without a problem, so you can do it, too. Take a look at the options today and see what’s out there. It may surprise you. And if nothing works, there is always the option of professional rat removal to make sure the job is done properly.


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