How To Get Rid of Mice?

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How To Get Rid of Mice

Finding unwanted mice in your home or finding mice at your business can cause quite the scare.

Knowing where the mice came from is crucial to keeping them out and preventing them from coming back.

Mice Are Everywhere

Common house mice seem to be harmless, but they pose a big threat to homes and businesses.

Where do the mice hide?

House mice prefer undisturbed, warm dry places near food and water. Hiding place like kitchen cabinets, basements and garages are typical places they like to hide.

What are they looking for?

When mice make their way into your home or business, they are seeking shelter. Rodents will also scour your home in search of food and water

Along the way, they will leave droppings and urine that can contaminate everything along their path.

How do mice get inside?

Mice can jump up to 12 inches. They are good climbers and can travel on surfaces like walls and pipes to enter the building.

The lifespan of house mice

House mice can live for over 1 year and sometimes up to 3 years in a house and they generally mate when they are 6 to 10 weeks old.

How do you keep mice out?

The most effective way to keep mice away from entering your home is to eliminate all possible entry point.

There are two primary mice extermination tactics which are baits and traps.

However, these strategies require special care when there are children and pets in your home.

You can reduce the mice population by keeping your pet food sealed in tight jars and keep tight-fitting lids on all your bins.

Remove clutter such as paper and cardboard because mice like to use these to build their nests.

Noticed any signs of mice?

If you have seen signs like droppings, gnaw marks then you may need to call a mouse control exterminator.

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