How Rodents enter your space?

Any kind of rodents will easily make an entry to your home. It doesn’t need more space; even the small hole is enough for rats or mice infestation. Rodents are poisonous in nature and it creates dangerous viral diseases if not taken any control measures. If you not taken immediate action, your whole family might be at risk.

How Rodents will make entry to your space_

The rodents will enter your home due to the following issues in the home

  • Poor Sanitation
  • Open Holes
  • Waste Foods
  • Uncleaned Toilets

Poor Sanitation

One of the most basic reasons for a rodent entry is because of poor sanitation. Due to the poor sanitation, rats and mice easily access your living space and build a nest in your living space.

The rodents easily get attracted by the unhygienic foods and they found unhygienic spaces to live like near to garbage place, toilet area, sink basement in your house. If your home is not maintained in a proper way the pest easily gets into your house.

Rodents also get attracted to the water sources. So, keep your water sources in a proper maintain and don’t let any water bowls in and around your house.


  1. Keep clean everting
  2. Make your sanitary area clean and neat
  3. Don’t let any waste foods around your space
  4. Check all your water sources and fit if any damage is there
  5. Make your basement and sink area always dry

Open Holes

Mice or rats need not look for big holes even they fit into the small spaces, any gaps in your doors, windows, ceilings, pipes or sewage lines. If there are no holes, rodents create the holes on their own by biting or chewing the materials.

how rodents will enterIn old houses, rodents are the susceptible guests compared to the newly build house.  Even the firewood, damaged furniture, automobile parts are also making a shelter for the rodents.


  1. Seal all holes with cement
  2. Check thoroughly all pipelines
  3. Don’t let any water to leak
  4. Don’t let your door or window open
  5. Keep damaged furniture or wooden items away from your living place

Waste Foods

The smell from the waste foods easily attracts the rodents. The rodents make their entry mainly for the food and shelter. Foods remain on dishes, foods on a garbage bag, pet foods are the example that pulls the rodents like mice or rats towards your home.


  1. Don’t let any waste foods around your house
  2. Remove the trash bin regularly
  3. Wash your trash bin once in a week to eliminate the food smells
  4. Put the waste food in the garbage collection after the proper coverage
  5. Make sure to take your pets food plates and bowl

Uncleaned Toilets

Uncleaned toilets are another source that gives a chance for rodent’s entry. The rodents make their nest mostly in unhygienic places like toilets. They easily enter your toilet areas with the help of pipelines.


  1. Clean your toilets and sink in a daily routine
  2. Close if you found any cracks in toilet tiles
  3. Use some lemon-flavored cleaning agents
  4. Keep your Toilet equipment’s in a separate place
  5. Empty the toilet trashes in a regular routine


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