Health problem caused by Pests

Pests are the same as insects that affect human health by causing various virus infections and even destroys the crops in the agricultural land. Ants, bugs, common flies, lice, spiders, mosquitoes and mice cause infection to the humans by spreading dangerous diseases. These pests harm humans and cause skin allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems. Ants can cause an allegoric skin reaction. Common flies can spread bacterial and virus diseases. The mosquito carries various dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, and allergies.

Health problem caused by Pests & Tips to control them

Health Problems Caused by Pests

A pesticide is used to control the pests and diseases caused by pests. Mosquitoes, bugs, rats, cockroaches, and mice are the common pests that carry disease and spreading into humans. Here we mentioned common diseases caused by pests.

Asthma and allergies caused by cockroaches

The household pests like cockroaches can cause allergies and asthma. These pests are found in the basement area of the house and mostly in the kitchen. Also, you can notice the cockroaches’ traffic in the toilet area. This kind of pests easily carries the disease and spread over humans.

Control measure:

  1. Don’t leave any food products on the floor
  2. Spray vinegar solution or citrus solution in the cockroaches traffic area
  3. Use some perfumed sprays to get rid of cockroaches.

Rabies caused by rodents

Rodents spread deadly diseases like rabies in humans. Rabies is a dangerous disease even there are no specific medications for this disease. Fever, headache, abnormal mental pressure and vomiting are the common symptoms of this disease. There is a vaccination for rabies that helps to prevent this disease.

Control measure:

  1. Rodents enter your home for food, so don’t keep any food that attracts rodents
  2. Spread some cloves and bay leaves. This smell keeps the rodents away from your residential place
  3. Proper vaccination of rodent bite helps to secure you from the diseases like rabies and some allergic.

Microbial Contamination caused by bacteria

Microbial contamination is caused by microorganisms like fungi, bacteria and several viruses. This is spread the disease like viral fever, allergies, and diarrhea in public clinics, hospitals and in a home. This kind of disease is spread from one person to another through the mosquito’s bite and by the microorganisms.

diseases caused by pests

Control measures

  1. Deep clean your living area
  2. Don’t let any waters around your house
  3. Provide nets to get rid of mosquitoes
  4. Apply some repellents that help to treat microbial contamination

Types of pesticide used to eliminate the pests

Mostly the pesticide is used in the agriculture land to control weeds, pest infestation, and common diseases.

Here we mentioned some pesticide types that are effective to the specific pests.

  • Algaecides

Used to kill and/or reduce algae growth.

  • Antimicrobials

Used to destroy the germs like bacteria and virus

  • Disinfectants

Used to kill microbe and germs

  • Fungicides

Used to eliminate the fungus problems

  • Herbicides

Used to reduce the growth of unwanted crops like weeds

  • Insecticides

Used to control the insects

  • Rodenticides

Used to kill the rodents like mice and rat



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