Have You Got the Holiday Bug?

There are so many stories in the news where you hear about bugs from overseas being existent in the UK, but many of us have diverse opinions on this.

A lot of people like to establish the root cause because knowledge is power. However, the truth is that nobody can be sure where they come from. What we do know, however, is that there is every chance it has something to do with that holiday you took a few months ago, or last year or whenever.

With the right control methods in place such as pest control services, any suspected infestation can be caught before it has time to spiral. But first, some facts…

Yes, it is true; some bugs and contaminated species can make their way into our luggage, our clothes, our bags and even our bodies, finding a quick and easy route into another country.

Take a second to consider that this unwanted guest doesn’t need permission to infest everything it comes across; it isn’t just an inconvenience or an irritant to those in their own homes, but the detrimental effect it could have on the leisure industry is tenfold.

Imagine this: bed bugs plus hotel equals a nasty infestation with the scope to infest hundreds and thousands of homes within days.

Infestations like this throughout the hotel industry are almost impossible to control and could have a negative effect on the reputation of the hotel. Imagine for a second a bedbug outbreak in a hospital. This is a place for those most at risk: the seriously ill, those with weakened immune systems and the elderly. The consequences could be mayhem.

The risk is increased further when you consider the use of public transport, the people those and it eventually becomes an epidemic, causing widespread panic across the country.

However, with the right help by your side, this is all just a distant nightmare, and a reality we, fingers crossed, will never have to face

So what can you do in a bid to try and reduce the contamination while on holiday?

  • Always check the edge of the bed frames and the seams of the mattress for bugs
  • Always check the bed sheets in the morning to see if you notice any small specks of blood
  • Be aware of a dull, stale raspberry like smell which often means bugs are present
  • Always check clothes and/or change clothes as soon as you get back into the hotel room

Bed bugs are not the only pest we could bring back with us from another country, either. Amongst these pesky bloodsuckers, there are many more to write home about, but, we’ll leave that for another day.

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