How To Handle Bats In Your House

Having a bat inside your home does not mean you have an infestation on your hands, contrary to popular belief. One bat, of course, is a problem, but it may just be an isolated incident.

When you notice a bat has entered your house, the first step is to make sure there hasn’t been any exposure to pets or individuals within your home. If you are uncertain of this, make sure the bat is submitted for rabies testing for peace of mind. For this to happen, you would need to catch it, although this method isn’t recommended without professional help.

If you want to call a pest control expert, make sure they are trained in catching bats, as it is a specialist area. If no one in the household has been in contact with the bat, then the simplest way to get rid of the bat is to open the doors and windows, dim the lights, and wait for it to fly out of its own accord.

Finding bats frequently in your home may indicate you have them roosting on your property. When dealing with more than one bat you must hire a local pest team. The process can take several hours to perform, as the expert will ‘bat proof’ your home by addressing potential access points. They use a variety of harmless materials to do this, so your home will be safe from any future interference. You may also consider having yearly inspections and maintenance if bats are a common problem in your building.

If you notice that the bat isn’t flying, it may be injured and is trying to find a safe place to rest. It should be contained accordingly, and always handled with gloves. Never try to catch a flying bat as you will likely injure it and it may even bite you to defend itself. Bats are best released at dusk, but it is always prudent to have them assessed by a bat carer to check for any injury or diseases.

Although finding bats in your property is a rarity, it is always best to get the problem dealt with by a professional immediately to avoid any further problems.


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