How To Get Rid Of Wood Lice

Having a few wood lice around your property probably won’t bug (pardon the pun) you too much. However having lots of wood lice running around is a real pain, and means you have an infestation on your hands. As well as having a wood louse infestation, having these pests in your home means there’s some sort of damp or decaying wood problem that you need to address.

It’s time to call the professional pest controllers immediately if you find a wood louse infestation. There are multiple ways you can get rid of wood lice from your home. A lot of methods pest controllers will use involve chemicals. Other than professional treatments, there are of course home remedies which may be worth a try, but whether they work or not will remain to be seen.

You may have just a few wood lice around your own property rather than an infestation. And it’s useful to note that they can’t actually do any harm to you or your health. If you have wood lice in your garden, it’s really a good thing. They are considered the ‘bin men’ of the insect world, clearing up any rotting leaves or debris for you. Wood lice are also really handy in the compost bin too, helping to turn rotting fruit and veg into organic matter.

There are quite a few ways you can get rid of wood lice if the problem isn’t too bad.

Tips for how to prevent woodlice

  • Sweep them up and put them back outside. Just make sure to put them a fair distance from the home so they don’t try to sneak back in.
  • Vacuuming them up is also another option. Remember to empty the vacuum as soon as you’ve finished though, into an outdoor bin.
  • Stop them wanting to come into your home by eliminating moisture and damp. These places attract wood lice the most.
  • Clear away any clutter or debris outside your home, especially any that is piled up against walls.
  • Make sure that your drains and gutters are cleaned out regularly (this also helps with other pest prevention such as wasp control).
  • Keep your home dry and warm – the wood lice will soon want to move out and leave you in peace.


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