How to get rid off ants in Kitchen?

Ants problem in the kitchen? Do This Immediately to get rid off

How to get rid off ants in Kitchen_

Ants are the common type of pests that roam around your kitchen for food and water. The house ants enter your kitchen or house through a small hole or cracks in the windows, doors, ceilings, and floors. They make their entry by a colony. until you kill out the entire colony with all eggs and queen ant there will be a risk. So, your focus is not killing just one ant focus on to kill the entire colony permanently.

To get rid of ants from your kitchen follow these steps

  1. Discover the entry point

Take a minute and observe the ants in the kitchen to identify where they are coming to the kitchen.  Check the floor for any cracks, any small hole on doors or windows, and check all the kitchen cabinets. Your main target is to find the entry point that helps you with the ant removal process. Mostly the ants will be attracted to the sweet smell, so verify for sweet spills around your kitchen area to find the origin of ants.

  1. Identify the nest

Wait for the moment and spy for the area where they get settled with the food crumbs. Track the ant line silently without made any disturbance, so only you can find their nest and destroy it along with their colony. SO, tracking the ants helps to get the nest where they live along with all groups. The nest may be located on either indoor or outdoor of the house, or under the basement area of the house, or under the kitchen sinks. You can easily get an ant’s nest by tracking the ant line.

  1. Destroy the ant nests Immediately

get rids of pest in kitchenOnce you find the ant’s nest outdoors you can use any pesticide which includes chemicals to kill them. In case the nest is located inside your house try to avoid chemical pesticides instead of that you can use natural home-made pesticides to eliminate the ant nests.

  • Pour some gallon water on the nest or also use hot water. You can also add some cornflour along with warm water.
  • You can also use soapy water to destroy the whole nest along with the entire colony. Mix the detergent soap in the bucket of water, mix it well to create foams. Pour the bucket water directly on the nests.
  • If you have neem oil, use this along with hot water.
  • Boil some water by adding cinnamon and mint leaves and pour it on the ant nest. These natural ways will help you to get rid of the ants along with their nests.
  1. Clear remaining ants

After destroying the ant colony, some ants may be left on the kitchen surfaces. Use the same method and destroy all remaining ants. Spray the dishwashing solution directly on the ants, so it affects the ant’s respiratory items and makes it to death.


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