Fox Control in London

If you have foxes in your garden, denning under your decking or shed, then contact us to help exterminate them for you as to remove foxes is easier when an expert in London fox control is involved.

Do you have a problem with foxes? Are foxes living under your decking or shed? You may need professional fox control in London.

How do I remove foxes?

There is no strict legislation on how to deal with foxes and whilst to some these British mammals are a pest and to others, the fox is ‘cute’. The nation is divided upon whether to openly exterminate them or learn to live beside them.

The culling of foxes is legal and live capture foxes and release them is illegal.

Why are foxes a pest?

There is a reason why fox control London professionals are here to help. Sarcoptic mange is a disease that can affect pets and on occasion humans. This disease that foxes carry is highly contagious. Foxes carry lungworm which is fatal to both cats and dogs. Canine heartworm can also be transferred from foxes to dogs. Scabies and fleas are other common problems in areas where populations of foxes occur. Fox feces can also transfer disease; the most serious of which is toxocariasis, making effective fox control in London vital.

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