Are Flies The Most Disruptive Pest?

Flies are a huge concern for many people in the UK, especially those of us who own and operate a business within the food industry. This particular pest is known to spread over 200 different diseases. This not only conflicts with health and safety standards, but puts you, your family and your staff at risk.

A lot of money is spent each year on fly prevention and control. The impact fly infestations can have on a business is vast. It ranges from staff absences to loss of profits and damage to brand reputation.


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Why Are Flies The Most Disruptive Pests?

Research shows that of all the pests across the UK that affect business and families the most, the fly wins. This was particularly true when the business involved food.

Because flies spread so many harmful diseases, including Salmonella and E.coli, it can affect millions of people across the UK each year. Many don’t realise it is a fly that has infected their food.

Flies impact the health of staff and people alike. 11% of food industry businesses in the UK have said that flies have been the leading cause of illnesses for their staff. This creates a huge disruption to productivity, affecting the businesses profits and brand reputation. It’s also been noted that on average, 9 working days are lost each year following a fly infestation in the workplace.

When it comes to brand reputation, flies can be incredibly harmful. When someone becomes ill because of flies in a restaurant or food business, that business suffers. It has to worry about compensation claims that are the result of food-borne diseases. 45% of businesses in the UK that have suffered a recent fly infestation have noted a significant loss of income. This is because of their brand reputation being damaged.

Prevent Flies

Put the proper prevention procedures in place to product yourself, your family and your commercial business from flies. And the illnesses they can spread. Have your staff or family undertake basic hygiene practices, such as washing their hands. Doing so before and after handling food will make sure that your food preparation areas don’t become a fly’s breeding sites. It will also stop the spread of harmful bacteria.

You must also always ensure that a high standard of cleaning and waste handling is put in place on your property. Including any maintenance that needs to be done to the building.


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