Five Movies Featuring Killer Bugs and Swarms

The film industry makes a habit of dramatising certain scenes in our favourite horror movies, even those based on a true story!

However, though we may not yet be faced with intelligent cockroaches capable of waving an aptly themed flag, there is a share of killer bugs and swarms out there to be wary of.

But where’s the fun in exaggerating a little when it comes to snuggling on the sofa to watch our favourite ‘bee movies’ and the like?

With summer on its way and an inevitable influx of creepy crawlies, let’s take a look at five movies featuring killer bugs and swarms.


Though not quite about bugs trying to take over the world, Bug (2006) follows the story of Agnes White who soon gets drawn into a terrifying world, involving an ex-soldier, plagued with paranoia regarding the government and, of course, conspiracy theories on the topic of bugs.

The Fly

For those who love a horror blended with science fiction, The Fly is an absolute classic and a must-see. A scientist is working on a project and soon falls in love… with disastrous consequences, following a project gone wrong. We’re reluctant to give much more away, but rest assured, The Fly will have the bristles on your back standing upright!

Mosquito Man

A similar concept to The Fly, Mosquito Man, follows the tale of Dr Jennifer Allen, keen to discover a cure for spreading disease. On her quest, she is soon joined by Ray Ericson, a convict, who wants to get rid of his sentence. However, in doing so, he experiences a much worse fate…

Empire of the Ants

Empire of the Ants, as the name suggests, is centred on a terrifying invasion of giant ants that are keen to disrupt a team of land buyers’ operations. Filled with thrills, this particular bug movie is one to watch if invasions of mutated insects are right up your street.

The Hive

Now for another ant movie, but with a very different take. The Hive features a huge swarm of ants with a taste for human flesh, battling scientists desperate to escape a terrifying and deadly fate.

These are just five bug movies to watch if you fancy a night of chills and thrills!

If, however, you’re concerned about insects in the coming summer, feel free to get in touch with our London-based pest control experts today for advice and support. We would be more than happy to take your call.


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