How Do Electric Fly Control Units Work?

If you are like any normal modern person who hates having insects buzzing around and causing problems, you’ve probably thought about looking into an electric fly unit. These are electric zappers that will attract insects and then kill them with an electric current. This is where you will find out everything you need to know about the technology and the options.

Electric zapper units are just one type of fly killing devices available. They work by emitting a type of light that is attractive to insects. Many insects such as mosquitos and wasps use light to guide and orient them, so when they see this light, they will head for it automatically…and it will be lights out for them once they reach it. So, light zappers are great for those insects that are attracted to light.


The light is a beacon in the darkness for insects, and they flock to it in order to find their way. However, the light in a fly zapper is really hiding an electric current that shocks them on contact and kills them dead. You just need to put it in a spot where you find them bothersome, and they’ll head for the light instead of you.


Fly zappers are said to be very effective in attracting insects, but remember that they are going to be useful only for those insects that are prone to following light. Cockroaches, for example, will scuttle away from the light instead of towards it, and clothes moths prefer darker environments, so it is unhelpful in getting rid of these.


These units are great for both home and office fly pest control solutions. They are useful in the workplace, particularly those with eating areas that need to be kept clear of pests. While they are definitely not a cure-all solution, (and it makes sense to pair this method with other pest control strategies), they are certainly known to help take the edge off for homeowners who are looking to keep their garden and patio usable after dark.


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