Do You Have Woodworm?

If you are a wooden furniture lover, it’s integral to keep it in top condition. To do this, the proper care and consideration has to be taken, including what environment to keep the furniture in. Wood has great durability, and has the ability to age well as well.

So what happens when an issue with woodworm happens, and how do you spot it? Some types of wood are particularly prone to woodworm, like antique or beech furniture. Identifying a woodworm problem early on is how you prevent further damage from happening.

wood with woodworm

Here is our guide on how to detect woodworm.

  • Small holes – If you’ve got a great eye, you may be able to spot small round exit holes in your furniture. It’s a tell-tale sign of a woodworm infestation. The holes are small, and the amount of them depends on the level of infestation.
  • Dust – Seeing fine dust is an indication of adult beetles which are visible below the affected area of the wood. The woodworms faeces can also be found near the exit holes.
  • Crumbling wood – When an infestation develops, the wood will start to crumble around the edges. This is from the wear and tear of the multiple woodworm exit holes.
  • Tunnels – These are normally very hard to see, but if you cut through the wood to inspect it you will notice the small tunnels. This is a definite sign of woodworm.
  • Weak and damaged wood – If woodworm has infested your floorboard, you will notice that the wood will be damaged and weakened. This is also true of furniture. However, wood weakening can also be put down to wet or dry rot, so it’s best to do some further investigation.
  • Beetles – Spotting beetles coming out of your wood is a clear sign of woodworm.
  • Dead beetles – When you see dead beetles around the exit holes in the wood, woodworm may still be an issue. However, it could mean that you have a woodworm issue previously but the infestation is no longer active. It’s still worth investigating though.

Not all of these signs are a cause for concern, but it’s worth checking anyway just in case. For great woodworm prevention and more pest control advice, get in touch with Pest Exterminators today.


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