DIY Insect Repellents: Summer 2015

Summer is prime time for pests, which can make days in the glorious sunshine somewhat of a nightmare if insects take a liking to you.

Unfortunately, off-the-shelf repellents don’t always do their job as well as they could, so instead, why not make your own.

Below Pest Control in London have compiled just a few tips, tricks and recipe hints to take on board in summer 2015.

Mosquito bite


Mosquitos can be the bane of our lives, especially if we get bitten a lot. Fortunately, there are a few natural remedies said to make these pests keep their distance, including consuming a small amount of apple cider vinegar and enjoying garlic-infused meals. Vitamin B1 (on a daily basis) is also said to keep insects at bay.


There are several techniques for diverting ants, including using coffee grounds around areas you want them to avoid, spraying lemon juice around the outside of the nest, and using a vinegar-based cleaning solution.

If none of these has worked, or you want to find a different solution,  see here for advice.

WaspsAngry wasp

The final pest that many, many families aim to deter in summer is wasps, a sting from which can be fatal for those who are allergic.

So, instead of suggesting remedies that may or may not aggravate a nest or wasp, we thought we’d share a few ideas that don’t involve any chemicals at all.

First of all, try to avoid wearing vibrant colours, as these can lure this pest in.

Also, remember to tightly pack away all food sources and, no matter how much you love your sweet-smelling floral perfume, it’s better to go a day without it when there are wasps involved.

Lastly, be sure to shut the windows. We know it’s a pain if you’re trying to air the house out, but it is always better to eliminate the risk of an acute reaction.

So, these are just three pests and a couple of DIY repellents to go with them.

Of course, if you suspect you may have a nest of any of these pests or another pest listed on our website, and you’re based in the London area, do not hesitate to get in touch today. We will provide advice and support throughout, as well as carry out the appropriate measures if necessary.


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