Common Pests in Tomato Plants

Common Pests in Tomato Plants

Know the common problems of Pests in Tomato Plants

Many farmers who planted the tomatoes are got irritated sometimes with the status of sudden damage caused by the pests. some plants did not yield expected fruits, some tomatoes got ripen soon and some black spongy layer appears at the top of the fruit. This may lead to economic fall. Here we discuss the tomato problems and listed some common tomato problems and the solutions to handle the problems that will help you identify what kind of issue affects your tomato plants.

Follow our guidelines to save your tomato plants and harvest the healthy tomatoes for this year.

How to identify the problems in Tomato Plants

It is an important factor to identify what kind of disease that affects your tomato plants growth. Follow these steps to identify the different types of diseases.

  1. First Identify the affected plants by examining the tomato plants itself by its leaves, flowers, a centre of the stem, and roots
  1. Note the differences in your plant by the comparison with other healthy plants and see how it get differ from that.
  1. Look for insects in your plants, identify and conclude the kind of insect with the examination or testing or get guidance from your local pest control agents.

Common Pests that Affects your Tomato plants 

The following are the common insects causes various problems in tomato’s


Cutworms emerged on the night and it can be difficult to spot in the darkness. They eat the stems inch by inch from the soil level. Cutworms destroy the tomato plants half from its growth.

common pests in tomato plantHorn-worms

Hornworms destroy the well-grown tomato plants in one night. It looks like a green worm in the size of the two to three inches like ringworms. It looks like a tomato stem and difficult to spot its presence on the plants. It emerges at the night times and chew all the leaves and let the plant be empty.

Spider Mites

Spider mites are too small and too difficult to spot their presence in the tomato plant, but you can identify the damages caused by them. This pest chews the entire leaves and lets the plant dry and the leaves are looks like full cropped.

Common Diseases of Tomato Plants 

The common diseases are caused by the fungus and some risky disease allows you to destroy the entire crop and plant another crop in that same place.

  • Fertilizer: Test your soil and select appropriate fertilizer
  • Calcium: Test your soil for the average amount of calcium and spray some lime oil and calcium added fertilizer to your plants.
  • Temperature: wait for the right timing of temperature and plant at the right time.
  • Water Flow: Ensure the right range of water for the appropriate season
  • Airflow:  Plant your plants at the right flow of air. If your plants get enough oxygen the infestation will get reduce.

Control- Measures 

We listed some control measures for insects for your tomato plants and it helps your plant to grow well and you harvest fresher tomatoes from your field.

  • Insect killing sprays
  • Caterpillar Killer (Bio-Products)
  • Neem oil
  • Soapy water
  • Chemical-free Pesticides


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