Combat Pests While Camping

Camping is a relaxing pastime for many of us here in UK (when we get the weather for it!). Having a successful camping trip involves a lot of moving parts, but one thing you definitely don’t want is to have pests make an appearance.

If you are thinking about heading out of the City and the pests in your local London area, remember to be prepared to deal with the ones outdoors in the countryside too!

Here is how to keep the pests away from your campsite…

  1. Choose to stay on a high and dry site. Pests are very attracted to moisture. So when you’re choosing where to pitch your tent, opt for a site that is as dry as possible. This means you’ll have a better chance of avoiding any pests. Camping on low ground also means rain water will run down to you, so it’s better to choose a site that is higher up. If you also set up camp in an area with less vegetation, less pests will be around your site.
  2. Buy some bug spray. There’s a huge range of bug sprays and repellents out there for you to buy. You can even get special candles that ward insects away.
  3. Don’t attract pests to your site. Dispose of any food and rubbish as soon as possible. Don’t be tempted to put it off until later. If you do have leftover food you want to keep, make sure you take some food containers with you for proper food storage.
  4. Keep your tent closed. Most tents come equipped with a bug net so no pests can get in if you keep that zipped up. Once the pest gets into your tent, it’s very difficult to get them out again.
  5. Wear the right clothing. Wearing clothing that doesn’t properly cover your skin means you will be at risk of insect and pest bites. Always opt to keep covered, especially if you’re in a highly vegetated area or near moisture. If it’s a bit too warm to stay covered, make sure you stock up on bug spray and reapply it at regular intervals. A camping weekend is definitely the one time you want to leave the perfume at home!

To sum up…

If you’re not a big fan of camping and prefer to stay at home, but still are experiencing a residential pest infestation, give us a call today. We have all of the right answers and experience for a wide range of pest control issues. Get in touch to find out more.


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