Why Do Cockroaches Like Damp?

Seeing cockroaches in your home is never a pleasant sight. They are ugly and are also a health risk to us as well. Cockroaches are known to carry a lot of diseases, and can even cause allergic reactions in some people. So why would a cockroach want to get into your home? Maybe because of the damp.


cockroach infestation in london home

Let’s dig a bit deeper and find out…

Cockroaches are incredibly resilient and can survive for long periods of time without food. But what they can’t survive without is moisture. If you have damp inside of your home, that’s probably why they’re paying you a visit. Ensuring that all of the pipes and taps inside of your home are not leaking is a great place to start to get rid of cockroaches and ward them off.

Another reason a cockroach may be in your London home is because of food. Having a readily available food source for any type of pests will definitely attract them into your home. Look around your home for any damp, dark, wet places. This is where the cockroaches will be hiding and breeding. Garages and cellars are a favourite place for cockroaches because they are normally the most damp places in our homes.

Another way to keep cockroaches out of your home is to keep up a good cleaning and pest prevention routine. Keeping a clean and tidy home will go a long way to making sure you remain pest free. Always make sure that you take your bins out regularly, and that your outside bins are sealed properly and not overflowing. Look around your home for water sources, like pet water bowls or leaky pipes. If there is an open water source, you’re a lot more likely to suffer from a pest infestation.

A clean home and regular pest control is the best way to keep cockroaches out of your home. Once one cockroach enters your home, it can lay eggs and it will soon turn into a large infestation that will be very hard to get rid of. If you spot a cockroach in your London home, take quick action by calling us. We can help you to identify the source of your pest problem and have the right tools to act quickly and got those pests exterminated fast.


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