Signs Of Cockroach Bites

Think of what a cockroach likes to eat. Meat, plants, eggs, other insects – but humans? It’s been known that cockroaches do actually bite us (although we’re not one of their favourite delicacies). Their favourite places to bite if they do choose to are our hands, feet and nails. Just one cockroach bite can be pretty nasty, creating a small wound that swells, becomes irritating and very itchy.

Although cockroaches aren’t very likely to bite us, it’s good to know the symptoms of cockroach bites.

Some cockroach bite symptoms

  • The appearance of a red coloured bump is normally the first symptom of a cockroach bite. Think of what a mosquito bite looks like – a cockroach bite is normally a bit larger than that. Try not to scratch the bite (because it will be very itchy) as it can cause further problems and more inflammation to the skin.
  • Around the bite, you may start to notice a rash or redness that gets worse with time. This is also similar to other insect bites. Those of us who are allergic to cockroaches will notice more of a rash, and may suffer a serious reaction to the bite.
  • As well as the main red coloured bump where the cockroach has bitten, there may also be smaller bumps around the bite which accompanies the swelling and rash (much like a heat rash).

Cockroach bites swell very quickly, and become really itchy. Very rarely they can also become infected. Keeping your home clean and tidy can prevent you and your family suffering from a cockroach bite and infestation.

If you find you have been bitten by a cockroaches, wash the bite immediately with clean water, and use an antiseptic ointment to wipe the affected area. It’s best to visit your doctor if you have allergies to insect bites, just to be safe.


After you’ve been bitten by a cockroach and have noticed the symptoms, you should call in a professional pest controller to assess your property. We offer 24 hour emergency pest control for the London area, and can check your home for signs of a cockroach infestations or any other pest control issues.


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