Ways to Control Monsoon Pests

Health problem caused by Pests & Tips to control them (1)

Monsoon is the most awaited season of the year because of the amazing weather and climate. On the same side health problems also increased in this climate, due to the monsoon insects. The rainy season is the perfect place for pests breeding and it raises in insects and lots of common diseases.

Health problem caused by Pests & Tips to control them (1)

For this reason, monsoon is also treated as the season of health issues and the number of rainy insects and flies increases in the house. You can inspect the mosquitoes everywhere in your home and this causes various infections like dengue, malaria, typhoid and other respiratory infections like asthma, cold, etc. so, to enjoy the monsoon season you should know how to eliminate the insects during the rainy season.

Here a few control measures and precaution of diseases for the monsoon season that makes your house pest and prevent you from the serious infection problems.

Dangerous Disease of Monsoon pests 


Dengue is a viral fever that gets transmitted to the people by mosquito’s bite. It causes joint pain, rashes, headache and results in heavy fever. It is a dangerous disease mostly spread in the monsoon season. The fever lasting for one week to 10 days.


Malaria is again a disease caused by the mosquito. It causes fever, illness, and flu. If the person is not treated with proper treatment, several complications may occur, and it results in death. Make sure that your house is free of water infections.


Diarrhea is caused due to unhygienic food and water. It is not much dangerous as viral fever, and it is treatable. Drinking home boiled water is the finest way of preventing diarrhea.


Again, typhoid is the kind of viral fever commonly caused by water infection. Fever, joint pain, dry cough, headache are the symptoms of the typhoid disease. Keep your surroundings always clean and consume healthy fluids will help you to get rid of infections.

tips to control monsoon pests


Monsoon has more probability of spreading disease through water consumption. Try to avoid outside and street foods during the rainy season and stick to the homemade food to prevent the infection of this kind of various. Sudden weakness, yellow eyes, vomiting, and liver dysfunction are the early symptoms of jaundice.

Precautions and necessary steps 

These diseases are harmful to the human environment and the major spreading of this disease is due to the mosquitoes. So, take some necessary steps to prevent the dangerous disease.

  1. Make efforts to keep your surrounding and society clean
  2. Try to avoid consume dirty water or foods
  3. Safeguard your kids and yourself from the mosquito’s bite by the fitting of nets to the windows and doors.
  4. Keep yourself away from the water-borne diseases, use filtered water or boiled water.
  5. Consume fresh foods

Make sure to control all the sources of water and assign the regular cleaning process to stop the mosquito’s breeding and water-borne infections. Ensure there is no water logging around your environment. Use some chemical-free repellents to stay away from the mosquitoes.

Health problem caused by Pests

Health problem caused by Pests & Tips to control them

Pests are the same as insects that affect human health by causing various virus infections and even destroys the crops in the agricultural land. Ants, bugs, common flies, lice, spiders, mosquitoes and mice cause infection to the humans by spreading dangerous diseases. These pests harm humans and cause skin allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems. Ants can cause an allegoric skin reaction. Common flies can spread bacterial and virus diseases. The mosquito carries various dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, and allergies.

Health problem caused by Pests & Tips to control them

Health Problems Caused by Pests

A pesticide is used to control the pests and diseases caused by pests. Mosquitoes, bugs, rats, cockroaches, and mice are the common pests that carry disease and spreading into humans. Here we mentioned common diseases caused by pests.

Asthma and allergies caused by cockroaches

The household pests like cockroaches can cause allergies and asthma. These pests are found in the basement area of the house and mostly in the kitchen. Also, you can notice the cockroaches’ traffic in the toilet area. This kind of pests easily carries the disease and spread over humans.

Control measure:

  1. Don’t leave any food products on the floor
  2. Spray vinegar solution or citrus solution in the cockroaches traffic area
  3. Use some perfumed sprays to get rid of cockroaches.

Rabies caused by rodents

Rodents spread deadly diseases like rabies in humans. Rabies is a dangerous disease even there are no specific medications for this disease. Fever, headache, abnormal mental pressure and vomiting are the common symptoms of this disease. There is a vaccination for rabies that helps to prevent this disease.

Control measure:

  1. Rodents enter your home for food, so don’t keep any food that attracts rodents
  2. Spread some cloves and bay leaves. This smell keeps the rodents away from your residential place
  3. Proper vaccination of rodent bite helps to secure you from the diseases like rabies and some allergic.

Microbial Contamination caused by bacteria

Microbial contamination is caused by microorganisms like fungi, bacteria and several viruses. This is spread the disease like viral fever, allergies, and diarrhea in public clinics, hospitals and in a home. This kind of disease is spread from one person to another through the mosquito’s bite and by the microorganisms.

diseases caused by pests

Control measures

  1. Deep clean your living area
  2. Don’t let any waters around your house
  3. Provide nets to get rid of mosquitoes
  4. Apply some repellents that help to treat microbial contamination

Types of pesticide used to eliminate the pests

Mostly the pesticide is used in the agriculture land to control weeds, pest infestation, and common diseases.

Here we mentioned some pesticide types that are effective to the specific pests.

  • Algaecides

Used to kill and/or reduce algae growth.

  • Antimicrobials

Used to destroy the germs like bacteria and virus

  • Disinfectants

Used to kill microbe and germs

  • Fungicides

Used to eliminate the fungus problems

  • Herbicides

Used to reduce the growth of unwanted crops like weeds

  • Insecticides

Used to control the insects

  • Rodenticides

Used to kill the rodents like mice and rat


Common Pests in Tomato Plants

Common Pests in Tomato Plants

Common Pests in Tomato Plants

Know the common problems of Pests in Tomato Plants

Many farmers who planted the tomatoes are got irritated sometimes with the status of sudden damage caused by the pests. some plants did not yield expected fruits, some tomatoes got ripen soon and some black spongy layer appears at the top of the fruit. This may lead to economic fall. Here we discuss the tomato problems and listed some common tomato problems and the solutions to handle the problems that will help you identify what kind of issue affects your tomato plants.

Follow our guidelines to save your tomato plants and harvest the healthy tomatoes for this year.

How to identify the problems in Tomato Plants

It is an important factor to identify what kind of disease that affects your tomato plants growth. Follow these steps to identify the different types of diseases.

  1. First Identify the affected plants by examining the tomato plants itself by its leaves, flowers, a centre of the stem, and roots
  1. Note the differences in your plant by the comparison with other healthy plants and see how it get differ from that.
  1. Look for insects in your plants, identify and conclude the kind of insect with the examination or testing or get guidance from your local pest control agents.

Common Pests that Affects your Tomato plants 

The following are the common insects causes various problems in tomato’s


Cutworms emerged on the night and it can be difficult to spot in the darkness. They eat the stems inch by inch from the soil level. Cutworms destroy the tomato plants half from its growth.

common pests in tomato plantHorn-worms

Hornworms destroy the well-grown tomato plants in one night. It looks like a green worm in the size of the two to three inches like ringworms. It looks like a tomato stem and difficult to spot its presence on the plants. It emerges at the night times and chew all the leaves and let the plant be empty.

Spider Mites

Spider mites are too small and too difficult to spot their presence in the tomato plant, but you can identify the damages caused by them. This pest chews the entire leaves and lets the plant dry and the leaves are looks like full cropped.

Common Diseases of Tomato Plants 

The common diseases are caused by the fungus and some risky disease allows you to destroy the entire crop and plant another crop in that same place.

  • Fertilizer: Test your soil and select appropriate fertilizer
  • Calcium: Test your soil for the average amount of calcium and spray some lime oil and calcium added fertilizer to your plants.
  • Temperature: wait for the right timing of temperature and plant at the right time.
  • Water Flow: Ensure the right range of water for the appropriate season
  • Airflow:  Plant your plants at the right flow of air. If your plants get enough oxygen the infestation will get reduce.

Control- Measures 

We listed some control measures for insects for your tomato plants and it helps your plant to grow well and you harvest fresher tomatoes from your field.

  • Insect killing sprays
  • Caterpillar Killer (Bio-Products)
  • Neem oil
  • Soapy water
  • Chemical-free Pesticides

How To Get Rid Of Ants?

How To Get Rid Of Ants At Home Naturally_

Rodents, spiders, ants, flies, bed bugs and cockroaches are some of the most common pests that all of us want to get rid of. This unwelcoming guest not only causes damage to the household properties but also cause dangerous health problems by spreading a disease like asthma, typhoid, dengue, rashes, and some malarial disease. Here we discuss the seriousness of ants and how to control it naturally without using chemical products.

How To Get Rid Of Ants At Home Naturally_

Ants are insects that live in a group of colonies.so, we adopt the control process should include eliminating the entire group of ants and its colony. Ants enter your home for its food, water, and shelter. To control its presence, you should first clearly notice the behavior and characteristic feature of ants.

Ants enter your home even though the tiny holes for food and water, all other ants follow the first ant’s footprint and get in the house for the same reason.

To understand the catechistic of ants is one of the best processes for the control method

how to get rid of pest at homeINSPECTION FOR ANTS 

Inspection is the most necessary step to control the ant problem in your house. To find the ant nests follow the path of their trails, or from the food source that established the routes to the nest

Inspect around the door edges, windows, carpets, and the kitchen area. Once the ants enter the kitchen area, it destroys all the foods in the kitchen and sometimes creates itches and redness during the night timeOutside, inspect around the lawns, patio area, and all furniture and check the garbage wastes. To kill the ant permanently follow this simple step

  • Follow its trail path to find the ant nest.
  • Once you found any nest eliminate it immediately
  • Use non-repellent pesticide around the house or bait to eliminate the ant colony from your house.

Natural Method of elimination 

The ants enter your kitchen if they get attracts by the smell of sugar syrup, any juice spilled ups, and food particles. Keeping your kitchen area clean and place food in a tightly in a container can allow redacting the ant infestation. Whenever you spot the ants in your home, follow the natural way of ant control which we mention.

With Vinegar and water:

tips to get rid of pest from homeAnt easily gets rid of the vinegar smell. Mix the one tablespoon of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the solution to kill the ants in your home. 

With bay leaves

Sprinkle the powder of bay leaves on the ant colonies to kill the ants flow inside and outside your home.

With Lemon Juice: 

Lemon juice and water act as the natural repellents to get rid of ants naturally, pour the lemon juice on the ant area to kill the ants in your home.

With Mint leaves:

Place the bunch of mint leaves wherever you find the ant’s trails to control it.

With Cucumber:

Place the cucumber slices on the ant’s entryway. It naturally eliminates the ant’s entry into your house.

Spread cornmeal 

Sprinkle some cornmeal on the traffic area of ants. After eating this ant’s can’t digest this and it kills them naturally. Don’t use cornmeal if you have kids in your home.

Common Things that attracts Pest

how pest gets attracted

how pest gets attracted

Pests are the most hated organism among all the insects and inspect them in your home and office makes you to face critical situation. At every time of cleaning you think that you are doing a great job of keeping this insect away from your home, but you would be worried at some time if you are spotting these infection carrying creatures in your way. If you don’t want these pests moving in and around your home and office area, kick these bad habits that can be easily attracts them.

Leaving food items in kitchen 

Already we discussed in many topics pests seeks your residence for their food, shelter and water. The flavoured smell from the foods easily attracts the pests. If you left the food items, the pest imagines that as their feed and makes an entry.so inspect your home and office area regularly and make sure there is no food wastes and snacks found.

common things that attract the pestsLeaving dishes in kitchen sink 

Pests like cockroaches are easily attracted the aby kind of waste foods and your dirty sink is now like an entry ticket for them. Cockroaches easily enter in to your kitchen area and roaming around the sink and it cause big headache for you. So from next time, take a time to rinse all the dishes and eliminate all the waste foods to the garbage bag.

Keeping food containers open 

Tightly close the lids of food containers that you kept in pantries or in storage cupboards. Lightly opened food products that are placed in the cupboards are the great place for the pests like ants and roaches to look forward for the food. Cockroaches can chew the paper and plastic easily, so the tip is storing the food in the tightly closed glass containers. 

Leaky and damaged pipes

Pests not only seeks for the foods also for water. They need water to survive and it will get it anywhere from your place. Your leaky water pipes can supply a water they need, and it tends to be the perfect place for pests to make nest.so make sure to seal any leakages you found in your place or replace the heavy damaged pipes.

things that attract pest easilyWarm place

Pests like a hot and warm place to make their residence. Pests like cockroaches, lizards and mice are not live in cold climate. Their population rises mostly in the warmer months. keeping your place cool and freeze by decreasing the temperature in your air conditioners keeps away the pests away from your place.

Stack of waste products

Waste products like cardboards, papers, wooden sheets, and other material helps pests to hide. Clear those waste products, old newspaper and journals out of your place keeps away the pest.

Unfolded cloths 

Due to heavy work schedule and by laziness you may left the cleaned cloths and dress in your room without folding it. This may be the perfect place of pests to hide in. you can easily spot the presence of cockroaches in your unfolded cloths. So keep your cloths always folded in your wardrobe and spray some perfumes or scents to get rid of pests entry.

Tips to control pests at Home

Why your home attracts pests & tips to control them

Why your home attracts pests & tips to control them

Pests and insects are easily attracted to your homes because they also have the same basic needs for food and water. We can treat pests in different ways and control them from spreading. But before that first, you concentrate on what things that attract pests to make their entry into your home. The best method is to eliminate and avoid the presence of things that attracts the pests and makes them survive in your home.

Always humans can’t always be cautious, but they can reduce the attractions and limit things like food, water that attracting the pests to be available in the residence.

We clearly describe the types of facts and foods that attract the pests, because even a small crumb of foods keeps the entry of tiny pests.

To stop the entry of pests, do whatever you can to get rid of pest from the home, and check the following to prevent the path of pest infestation.

Common things that attract pests 


  • check for food items if you left anything in an open space or left the food containers without proper sealing.
  • Pests easily gets attracts to the food smell and waste foods.
  • If you left any food like small crumbs, juice or coffee spills, kids’ food or pets’ food and rotten fruits easily attract the pests like common flies and mosquitoes.


warm weather easily attracts the pests who seeking for shelter in winter and rainy season. Pests lost their nest in the rainy season and seeking for their residence if they found any holes or gaps in-between the doors, they easily make an entry.


  • Water makes moisture for a pest those seeking for moist in summer.
  • Rainwater source left around your house easily attracts the mosquitos.
  • The water also leads the pests for breeding.


  • Garbage smell and wastes easily attract the pest from the garden side and outdoor side.
  • Rodents and cockroaches are the common pests easily attracted to the garbage.

pest control at home

Control Measures: 

Make pest-proof Painting 

  • Paint your home with pest-proof paints and seal all the cracks and gaps with the pest-proof clays that can prevent the insect’s entry.
  • Repair all holes
  • Seal all the holes properly with the tight material and do cleaning regularly to avoid the pest’s entry

Remove foods items 

  • Sweep your home regularly and check all the corners of the home for food crumbs and food wastes.
  • After your dining clean the tables and wipe away the spills and food crumbs
  • Don’t leave any pets food out to stay for a longer time.
  • Tightly store all the containers in a proper seal.

Empty the garbage  

Inspect for indoor and outdoor wastes regularly and collect all your garbage in a daily routine.

Repair faulty pipes 

Fit all pipes and repair them and maintain all water flowing pipes in a proper condition.

After the rain empty the outdoor buckets and don’t allow any water to stand around your home.

How to Get rid of Pests in vehicles?

How to Get rid of Pests in vehicles_

How to Get rid of Pests in vehicles_

As same as home, pests like spiders, rats, ants, bedbugs can make their life inside the vehicles. For warmness and food, the pests infest cars, vans, buses, and mini trucks. The pests spread all over the environment wherever the vehicles move. The pests are spread faster through vehicles than their natural way of spreading. While parking your vehicles near your gardens chance are there for pests to build a nest into your vehicles. Even the spiders build webs over the car mirrors, and rats will get into your vehicle if you miss some food items and it causes damage to your wires.

During winter your vehicles become the perfect spots for the bugs and cockroaches to live-in. Hence rats and mice find your vehicle for their shelter and make dangerous damage. The motor heat provides the best comfort place for rats and mice. They are not making their presence to your naked eye. But you can find their presence by the bad smell and by notifying the damages.

Best Pest control Methods

Actions must be taken before the pests cause heavy damage to your vehicles.
1. Prevention is a better option. To avoid infestation steps to be taken to reduce the risk of the presence of pests. Pests get the attraction to the foods, so avoid having food or storage of any food items in the car. Cleaning the car regularly adds extra care. The cleaning includes wiping and vacuuming the sheets.

2. Rodents/ mice easily enter the vehicles through the inbuild gap between the car pumps, mirrors. So, block all the gaps in the car prevents the pest’s entry. While blocking use unchewable materials like concretes, steels and heavy hardware parts. Make sure of all broken mirrors, window doors are repaired and closed in tight condition. Fix rubber cork on a glass window to make tighter.

get rid of pest in vehicles

3. For the non-chemical, eco-friendly method take some tobacco leaves, neem leaves, lemon- essential oils and leaves of eucalyptus plan with some salt is an additional option. Once you found the pests are inside the vehicles, take any one of the products and place inside the vehicle all night. Morning vacuum the entire vehicle with a mixture of vinegar and lemon essential oils.

4. Even some variety of pests escapes from the smell of herbs and lemon. Extra inspection must be taken inside your vehicle, check for any eggs or larva’s presence and washing out completely.

5. The bugs are a major headache for vehicle owners. The easiest method to prevent bugs is heat therapy. A steam vacuuming is a perfect solution to get rid of bugs. Clean with high-pressure steam and rotate the nozzle at the same place to make a vehicle bug free.

When the situation is not handled by your own. Don’t take more risk to treat the pests and even don’t waste your time in cleaning. Hire some best pest control professionals and make them handle the situation for the worst case.

Types of pests and control measures

Types of pests and its control measures

Pests cause various hazards to all living things. To bring back the pest-free healthy environment some control methods must take as an immediate step.

Types of pests and its control measures

Before to take the control methods or prevention methods you should analyse pests and its varieties. So, you can easily find out the prevention and treatment for pests.

Understand how to specify pests, clearly, study their habits and take common steps to control them.

Types of Pests in common House

The pests are categorized as

  1. Bed Bugs  

Bugs are commonly found in beds. If you missed treating this, you must handle some 1000 bed bugs within a month. It can easily spread their existence.

Detecting the bed bugs are critical issues and this small creature will continuously disturb you in sleeping hours and make you feel more pressure and stress.

Cause: viral infections 

  1. Cockroaches 

Usually, cockroaches make their entry to your homes to find food for them. They can easily enter your home through the basement area and live mostly in the bathroom area, kitchens, plumbing regions, and basements.

Mostly during raining days for seeking warmth and comfort, they prefer your home for their life. Both male and female cockroaches develop their wings. You can notice cockroaches start fly if you strap them.

Cause: Skin Allergy, Asthma, cholera, diarrhoea  

  1. Spiders  

Spiders are the common pests available in most of the homes. Uncleaned windows, cracks in furniture, screens are the possible exception of a spider. The spider enters your home for warmness and food. Spiders also make their way to your house through plants in the terrace, firewood’s, and other items stored in the basement area.

how to get rid of spiders

Spiders are classified as Black widow spider, Crab spiders, cellar spider, Ground spider web spider, yellow sac spider.

  1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are common as flies they can easily make their entry through open doors windows usually lives in dark and hidden areas like the backside of your screen’s cloths, under sinks. At night all come out to search for food obviously for ” animal blood”.

Mosquitoes mostly breed in layer water, if your resistance is nearby of ponds, wells, or rainwater mud, then it will be risky.

Cause: Malarial infections

  1. Fruit Flies 

Fruit flies make their entry with the presence of ripped fruits, rotten vegetables, and decayed food items. They also overrun with wine and liquor.  They breed and develop their lives in garbage disposal, trashes and buckets.

Cause: Bacterial infection  

Control and Prevention

To make your home and environmental peaceful you should follow this prevention method

  • Organic control measures

When it comes to control measures most of the people prefer organic method of pest control to prevent other animals and plants from the damage. The products used in the organic pest controls are oil spays, parasitism, floating covers, insecticidal soap, etc.

  • Biological control measures

This method is mostly practised in green houses and biological control measure does not harm any humans in the field. This method is chemical-free process and it is safe for your environment and family.

  • Hygiene control measure

This method is like an awareness and precautions. To make your place and environment you should first keep your living place clean and neat. Keep your foods in a closed lid and empty the trashes.

Keep pests away from crop fields

pest control in agricultural land fields

pest control in agricultural land fields

Pests are the major common factors that disturb the growth of the agricultural plant in the field. The occurrence of pests in the field of agricultural lands reduces the profit of a certain year and ends in an unexpected economic fall. The pests can inflict vast damage to agricultural farms. Once the action is not taken, they reduce the growth of crops or even destroy the entire agricultural field.

There are different types of pest control measures for pests in agricultural land. some pest attacks affect human activities and cause dangerous infections. Here we discuss types of pests and best control preferences to control pests in your agricultural land.

The pests are classified into two groups, they are 

  1. Micro pest in farm
  1. Macro pest in farm

Micro pests as the name suggests are the moderately smallest size and the presence of this type pests in agricultural is entirely risky to notice. Examples: worms, armyworms, thrips,  leaf miners, stem borers.

Likewise, the macro least are quite large in size and the presence of this type of pest in agricultural lands is easy to notice.  These types of pests are noticed by the naked eye.

Examples: cabbage looper, flies, mollusks, mice.

The efficient Pest control techniques

There are four basic techniques for pest control in agricultural fields, the control mechanism is practiced with respect to the nature of pests.

  1. The manual method of pest control
  2. The chemical method of pest control
  3. Farming method of pest control
  4. The natural method of pest control

Let’s discuss how these methods are used to control pests in agricultural land.

The manual method of pest control

The manual method of pest control is for macro pests. The presence of this kind of pests is confirmed by the farm owners.

pest control in agricultural areas

Hunting, fire alarms, voltage power, rat catcher are some manual methods of pest control taken by farm owners or by security persons to save the crops in agricultural farms from pests.

The chemical method of pest control

The chemical method is the usage of a chemical substance or toxic substances to get relieved of pests from the agricultural farm. These kinds of chemicals are poisonous, combine this with measured water and spray equally on crops. This method of pest control is used to control the micro pests like thrips, aphids, snail, and bugs.

Note: The chemical methods are the same as pesticides, maybe the usage of pesticides cause health issues to the consumer, and the cost is also too high.

Farming method of pest control 

This is natural control of pests from the agricultural field, here we cultivate some pest controlling plants with our crops. This may help to keep away the pests from infection.

This method is cost-effective and there is no initiation of health issues for consumers.

The natural method of pest control

This is also the kind of natural method to control pests from agricultural land. Here we use chemical-free pesticides for crops. Lots of bio-control pesticides are available in the market. Try to utilize them and make your agricultural property as pest-free land.

Tips to keep pests away during winter

5 tips to keep pests away during winter

5 tips to keep pests away during winter

During the winter season, the individuals should take several protections to keep pests like ant, spider, cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies away. Once the pests enter your home it causes major destructions like cracking the wall, chewing the wires, and make unpleasant smells in the kitchen and bathroom area.

The summer is not a big deal for you for pests, in summer insects and flies opens its door for hunting and mostly don’t prefer indoor. They like to roam around the open fields like gardens lawns and parks. But when winter arrives, they are probably in inactive mode. The cold and wet snow makes pests to shelter their life inside your home to protect themselves from cold and freeze.

To deal with such worst conditions we provide you with 5 essential inspection tips to keep pests away from your home.

  1. Dark areas  
  • Dark areas are best for pests to hide. So regularly inspect areas like house basement, bathroom pipes generator room, to avoid the entry of pests like mice.
  • Seal the small opening and gap in the floor
  • Keep all areas clean
  • Check the presence of mice regularly by the sign of chewing wires, smells, and damaged food.
  1. Kitchen moist 
  • The best commonplace for cockroaches is the kitchen area. The wet or moisture present in the kitchen makes indoor cockroaches. It creates some allergy symptoms and spread bacteria.
  • Keep floor and cupboards clean
  • Vacuum as a daily routine
  • Dispose of the kitchen wastes regularly
  • Always pay attention to the bathroom kitchen and home appliances and especially sinks and toilets.

keeping the pests away during winter

  1. Car parking
  • The pests like mice, rat and bugs initially make the entry from the parking area.
  • The mice also cause damage to car wires and cause a bad smell inside the car
  • While parking your car check for the presence of rats or mice
  • Spread some herbs like tobacco, the smell cause irritation to mice.
  1. Sunside 
  • Check the balcony area for spider nets. The spider spin it nets in balcony plants, grill windows, wardrobes, shoe stand and in cloths. Spider bite cause dangerous to humans
  • Regularly trim the trees and plants
  • Place clothes and shoe wardrobe area
  • Regularly clean the dust hanging in the roofs
  1. Call professional service 
  • Dealing with pests particularly in winter may cause headaches to house owners. Hence call a professional pest control team.
  • A pest control professional knows to identify the affected areas and they will resolve your problem.

Some common facts to remind in winter:

  • Check for leakage that causes moister in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Store firewood’s away from your kitchen area.
  • Replace the damaged pipes in basement areas
  • Seal all gaps with proper products
  • Keep trashes away from the living area
  • Close the rain water pits with a proper lid
  • Let your mattress to dry in the sunny area once in a week