5 Pests You Find In Damp Places

bathroom pests in damp places

What would happen if you threw a damp towel into a corner, then left it there for a few days? Well, it could become home to some really nasty bugs that like to hide in damp, dark places that are rarely visited.

All of these bugs could live in damp areas of your home for some time, especially places that lay undisturbed for months.

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Why Are Moths Attracted To Light?

moths in london attracted to light

Many of us experience moths in our homes on a regular basis, especially during the warmer months when we leave windows and doors open. We know that leaving a light on and a door open will attract moths. Yet we still do it because it’s hot and it’s nice to have some fresh air.

Moths can turn out to be a big problem and are mainly nocturnal so you might not even notice you have them. If left undetected, they will damage textiles, fabrics, carpets, woollen garments, upholstery and food.

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Is Your Carpet An Inn For Insects?

carpet with pests in it

To all kinds of insect, your carpet is a cosy hotel, offering camouflage from human eyes. Not to mention an endless food supply from dropped food and dead skin cells. Some insects will even feast on the carpet itself! The only downfall to the carpet inn is the threat of the vacuum cleaner. Although the bugs can easily relocate to the outskirts to where the carpet meets the wall, which offers them a great safe respite.


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Infographic: Pest Dangers To Pets

pests that are dangerous to your pets

Pet owners are most likely aware of fleas. Those who take care of an indoor pet, particularly cats and dogs, have most probably experienced fleas at a time in their pet’s day to day life. Treating your pet is certainly the main point of action when you notice the signs of an infestation, but have you considered the full range of pests that pose a threat to the health of your pets?

Rodents also pose a huge risk to pets. A lot of cats and dogs will give chase to a rodent, but what would happen if that rat spun around and bit your pet? Rodents can spread terrible illnesses, and one bite is all it takes to affect your pet. It is always advisable to keep an eye out for clues that rodents are around your property, such as droppings and gnawed furniture, not only for the security of your beloved pets but for the safety of yourself and your family too. Read More

10 Remedies For Early Spring Slugs

spring slug problems in london

Slugs are a massive problem for any conscientious gardener. We spend countless hours tending to our gardens, planting fruits and vegetables, only for them then to be ruined by these slimy pests! Fortunately, we’ve got some great pest insect home remedies for you.

Slugs are just one pest that can inhabit your garden, so if you need assistance contact us to get the best advice on all natural methods of pest control. In the meantime, take a look!

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How About a Winter Feast of Insects!

are some insects edible

There are many countries across the globe that offer insects as a snack, and maybe even a full Christmas dinner! But apart from the types of insects that need pest control, why could introducing edible bugs to your UK diet be so beneficial?

Edible Bugs

Around 1,900 species of insects are suitable for human consumption. That’s a lot! Most of these are beetles and caterpillars. With this huge amount of protein that can be taken from an insect, it’s no wonder the UN is trying to persuade more and more people to eat bugs, helping to fight world hunger.

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There’s A Mouse In My Christmas Tree!

christmas tree mice

Christmas is the most special time of the year, where we get together with our families and celebrate with giving and sharing. Other than opening your home to your distant relatives this year, you may be welcoming another visitor to your home…mice!

So now you’re thinking, how? Putting your tree up marks the start of the Christmas holiday, and no home is complete without one at this time of year. The last thing on your mind is to associate it with London house mouse pest control issues!

But, did you know Christmas is a great season for mice to invade your London home? And, why?

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Start Your Winter Proofing Routine!

winter pest proofing in london

With winter well underway, and Christmas right around the corner, other important jobs around the home can fall to the wayside, such as pest-proofing your home. Winter pests such as rodents, spiders and cockroaches, are moving indoors to get away from the cold, and your home is the perfect place for them to stay.

To avoid any infestations, it’s best to pest proof your home. They can cause serious problems to your family once inside, so it’s crucial to prevent them from getting in the first place. Rodents can cause serious damage to a property, chewing through walls, wiring and furniture. There’s also the potential risk that they can contaminate food, and spread diseases like salmonella. That’s the last thing you want on Christmas Day, finding paw prints in your pudding!


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Recognise A Bad Bug From A Good Bug

ladybirds are not pests

Not all bugs you encounter need to be eradicated immediately. Some insects are regularly mistaken for each other, and one is normally good and should be encouraged, whilst the other should be sent packing. When it comes to residential pest control in London, or any region of the UK in fact, it is important to know which insects to encourage in your garden and which one to eradicate. Here are some good bugs and bad bugs, plus some ways to control the unwanted ones the natural way. Read More

10 Need To Know Cockroach Facts

cockroach infestation in london home

Cockroaches are disgusting, it’s a well-known fact! And if you find even one or two of these pests in your London property, you need to call in a professional straight away. But did you know, they can also be quite interesting? For example, the average age of a cockroach is about a year, but they have actually been on the planet for a super long time. Evidence gathered from fossils shows they could have existed for over 300 million years! I wonder how dinosaurs dealt with their pest control.


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