Pest Control Contracts In London

pest control contracts in london

Here at Pest Exterminators, we offer 24 hour pest control for commercial properties. Our pest control contracts in London range. These range from one-off treatments to maintenance contracts for those with an ongoing issue.

Commercial Contracts

All of our London pest control contracts are carried out efficiently and promptly. This provides you with the best results possible, and a pest free property. We offer a wide range of contracts to suit your needs. With us, you will know you’re in trustworthy hands.

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How To Bed Bug Proof Your Mattress

bed bug infested bed in london

An absolute nightmare for any London home owner are bed bugs. They are difficult to treat, and are notoriously hard to completely eradicate when you already have an infestation.

So how can you protect your mattress?

A great option to consider is to buy a protective cover to stop any access to your mattress by bed bugs. These covers will seal the mattress and the springs, so it will keep any existing bugs trapped (and they’ll eventually die), and will also keep new bugs out. A mattress cover won’t keep bed bugs from crawling onto your bed and biting you as you sleep though.

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What To Do If Rats Are In Your Shed

garden shed with rats in

Unfortunately, all of our garden sheds are at risk from rats and other rodents. Rats are annoying and unsanitary, and love your shed for the shelter and possible food sources it provides.

So how do you get rid of them once they’ve invaded your garden shed?

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Wood Pigeons vs Feral Pigeons In London

statue in london with pigeon on

Many of us are familiar with the sight of large flocks of pigeons, especially in London! But can you tell the difference between a feral pigeon and a wood pigeon?

Feral Pigeon

It’s safe to say in London, you will most likely come across feral pigeons. They may seem stupid, but they have a lot more going on in their bird brains than you might realise! For example, they can recognise people who feed them. This means in a public place, they’ll go to the person they know will feed them. Once one pigeon comes, the rest will come flocking around the person to see what they have to give them.

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Cockroach Myths Debunked

london cockroaches crawling around

We’ve put together a great list of common misconceptions about cockroaches, an infamous pest.

Here’s the truth behind the myths!

Albino cockroaches are sterile and can’t reproduce.
Let’s be clear. There’s no such thing as an Albino cockroach! When you spot a white cockroach, they are actually just normal cockroaches that have recently moulted or shed their skin. In a few hours, their skin will harden back up and turn dark once again.

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Which Pests Are Hurting Your Garden?

flower in a london garden

With winter almost behind us, it’s time to get back out into our gardens. We need to give it some well-deserved TLC, but there are some pests lurking in the corners, ready to spoil your enjoyment and your garden!

Garden pests can cause a lot of damage to your garden. They can damage plants, trees, lawns, sheds and garden furniture. Pests that can inflict this sort of damage can range from insects to rodents, meaning we need to be on the alert.


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Bed Bugs In Your London Hotel?

hotel in london

When people travel to London, whether it’s for business or pleasure, they want a home away from home to relax and enjoy. Warm towels, soft linens and great room service is what we look for in any hotel. What we don’t want is bed bugs!

Your hotel could be absolutely perfect in every other way. But if a guest spots a pest, you can bet that those guests will never return. And nothing will spoil someone’s stay like the presence of bed bugs.

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Reasons For Getting Rid Of Squirrels

grey squirrel in london park

Squirrels can be seen as cute and cuddly little creatures. They are so common, you may not even know they can be a problem when it comes to pest control. The damage they can cause to your property, and the diseases they carry, may change your mind. You’ll be calling us here at Pest Exterminators in no time to rid you of your squirrel problem!

We often come into close contact with squirrels, so it’s really important that you know the risks involved with having them around. If your London home is surrounded by a lot of trees and shrubbery, you may find yourself, particularly at risk.

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Spring Cleaning To Banish Pests

spring cleaning to prevent pests

It’s nearly time for the gloomy skies to disappear, and the glorious weather to prevail once again. Spring is almost upon us, and with Spring comes spring cleaning!

Dust and dirt around your home can support an eco-system of bugs and bacteria. When you’re spring cleaning, it’s really important to get into all the cracks and crevices. This helps to eliminate any pests that may be lurking.

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Stop Pests Attacking Your Rubbish

rubbish attracts pests

With Christmas just gone, all of our rubbish collections have probably been disrupted. And we are left with stacks of boxes and bags outside of our homes. This causes a major inconvenience, especially if you’ve spotted rats and foxes sniffing around outside.

So once your bin is full, what are you supposed to do with the rubbish? You may not have the time, or be located near to the tip. The excess rubbish you have will need to be stored somewhere safe, away from the prying claws of rats, cats and fox problems.

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