Which Pests Are Hurting Your Garden?

flower in a london garden

With winter almost behind us, it’s time to get back out into our gardens. We need to give it some well-deserved TLC, but there are some pests lurking in the corners, ready to spoil your enjoyment and your garden!

Garden pests can cause a lot of damage to your garden. They can damage plants, trees, lawns, sheds and garden furniture. Pests that can inflict this sort of damage can range from insects to rodents, meaning we need to be on the alert.


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Bed Bugs In Your London Hotel?

hotel in london

When people travel to London, whether it’s for business or pleasure, they want a home away from home to relax and enjoy. Warm towels, soft linens and great room service is what we look for in any hotel. What we don’t want is bed bugs!

Your hotel could be absolutely perfect in every other way. But if a guest spots a pest, you can bet that those guests will never return. And nothing will spoil someone’s stay like the presence of bed bugs.

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Reasons For Getting Rid Of Squirrels

grey squirrel in london park

Squirrels can be seen as cute and cuddly little creatures. They are so common, you may not even know they can be a problem when it comes to pest control. The damage they can cause to your property, and the diseases they carry, may change your mind. You’ll be calling us here at Pest Exterminators in no time to rid you of your squirrel problem!

We often come into close contact with squirrels, so it’s really important that you know the risks involved with having them around. If your London home is surrounded by a lot of trees and shrubbery, you may find yourself, particularly at risk.

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Spring Cleaning To Banish Pests

spring cleaning to prevent pests

It’s nearly time for the gloomy skies to disappear, and the glorious weather to prevail once again. Spring is almost upon us, and with Spring comes spring cleaning!

Dust and dirt around your home can support an eco-system of bugs and bacteria. When you’re spring cleaning, it’s really important to get into all the cracks and crevices. This helps to eliminate any pests that may be lurking.

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Stop Pests Attacking Your Rubbish

rubbish attracts pests

With Christmas just gone, all of our rubbish collections have probably been disrupted. And we are left with stacks of boxes and bags outside of our homes. This causes a major inconvenience, especially if you’ve spotted rats and foxes sniffing around outside.

So once your bin is full, what are you supposed to do with the rubbish? You may not have the time, or be located near to the tip. The excess rubbish you have will need to be stored somewhere safe, away from the prying claws of rats, cats and fox problems.

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5 Pests You Find In Damp Places

bathroom pests in damp places

What would happen if you threw a damp towel into a corner, then left it there for a few days? Well, it could become home to some really nasty bugs that like to hide in damp, dark places that are rarely visited.

All of these bugs could live in damp areas of your home for some time, especially places that lay undisturbed for months.

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Why Are Moths Attracted To Light?

moths in london attracted to light

Many of us experience moths in our homes on a regular basis, especially during the warmer months when we leave windows and doors open. We know that leaving a light on and a door open will attract moths. Yet we still do it because it’s hot and it’s nice to have some fresh air.

Moths can turn out to be a big problem and are mainly nocturnal so you might not even notice you have them. If left undetected, they will damage textiles, fabrics, carpets, woollen garments, upholstery and food.

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Is Your Carpet An Inn For Insects?

carpet with pests in it

To all kinds of insect, your carpet is a cosy hotel, offering camouflage from human eyes. Not to mention an endless food supply from dropped food and dead skin cells. Some insects will even feast on the carpet itself! The only downfall to the carpet inn is the threat of the vacuum cleaner. Although the bugs can easily relocate to the outskirts to where the carpet meets the wall, which offers them a great safe respite.


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Infographic: Pest Dangers To Pets

pests that are dangerous to your pets

Pet owners are most likely aware of fleas. Those who take care of an indoor pet, particularly cats and dogs, have most probably experienced fleas at a time in their pet’s day to day life. Treating your pet is certainly the main point of action when you notice the signs of an infestation, but have you considered the full range of pests that pose a threat to the health of your pets?

Rodents also pose a huge risk to pets. A lot of cats and dogs will give chase to a rodent, but what would happen if that rat spun around and bit your pet? Rodents can spread terrible illnesses, and one bite is all it takes to affect your pet. It is always advisable to keep an eye out for clues that rodents are around your property, such as droppings and gnawed furniture, not only for the security of your beloved pets but for the safety of yourself and your family too. Read More

10 Remedies For Early Spring Slugs

spring slug problems in london

Slugs are a massive problem for any conscientious gardener. We spend countless hours tending to our gardens, planting fruits and vegetables, only for them then to be ruined by these slimy pests! Fortunately, we’ve got some great pest insect home remedies for you.

Slugs are just one pest that can inhabit your garden, so if you need assistance contact us to get the best advice on all natural methods of pest control. In the meantime, take a look!

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