Dealing With Ants In Your Paving

ant colony

Ants are a problem all year round, but they definitely become more a pest in the summer. Having an ant infestation can be a reoccurring problem, and it’s a real pain to deal with.

If you have paving around your property, you will most likely have observed ants. They are tiny black/brown ants that nest in the cracks between paving. When your paving has sand in between it, it’s an ants heaven. Once an ant has made it’s nest in your paving, it’s only a small step to your house. The nests they build are unsightly and can actually cause damage to your paving. Read More

All About Carpet Beetles

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No matter how carpet beetles enter your home, you will want them gone very quickly! Once just one carpet beetle makes its way onto your property, you will experience damage not only to your food but also your soft furnishings and carpets too. Read More

How To Pest Proof Your Garden

a london garden scene

We all love our gardens. It’s so peaceful to plant flowers. Then the joy of siting outside and take in all of our hard work. Pests can wreak a lot of havoc in our gardens. And damage all of the time and care you’ve put into it.

There are many ways of pest proofing your garden to prevent wildlife from damaging it. Read More

How To Tackle Rodents In London

Pest Control London

Rodents are some of the most destructive pests you could have on your property. They will enter any type of building because they simply need to find food, water and shelter. Droppings, scratching noises and small chew marks may be the first signs you see of a rodent infestation. You probably won’t spot any rodents yourself until the problem is really bad. Read More

What To Do When You Have Ants

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Ants RemovalHere’s a fact not many people know. There are over 12,000 types of ant in the world. Most of us here in  in the capital, whether we reside in North London or live South of the river, don’t notice ants outdoors. In fact we rarely pay them any attention at all…until they decide to come into our homes that is. If you have noticed ants marching into your London home, you might appreciate knowing some of the steps you can take to eradicate them.



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Reasons To Get A Pest Inspection

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Pests can be a huge problem for your London home or business. Infestations bring a lot of health problems with them, and can even lead to structural damage – creating serious safety issues. As well as this, there are also economic and financial reasons to conduct a pest control inspection at your property.

Having a pest problem is very serious, even if the repercussions aren’t obvious immediately. There are plenty of reasons why you should have a pest control inspection in your London property.

Pest Controller ready to exterminate

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Insect Proof Your London Garden

london garden with a pest

Every London garden has pests. It is almost impossible to completely eradicate pests from your garden. But you can fight back against pests without risking the health of your plants or spending lots of money.

The tips we’re giving you in this post can be used together to protect against problem insects and other pests in your garden. Many problems can be approached on several fronts. So if one solution doesn’t work, move on to the next. When it comes to London pest prevention, you need to stay alert. It’s easier to protect your garden and your home if you act before or at the earliest signs of trouble.

london garden with a pest

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Why Is Organic Pest Control Popular?

organic london vegetables

More and more of us in the UK are trying to go green. Especially in London, there are many of us attempting to lessen our carbon footprint and go organic. Whether it is cleaning supplies or meal ingredients, opting for organic options is on the rise.

So it comes as no surprise that all natural, green options are becoming more and more available in the pest control industry. Whether you want to swap to organic pest control for safety. Or you want to be kinder to the environment, there’s lots of reasons you should consider before switching to organic pest control.

organic london vegetables

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Plants That Help Deter Pests

plant that deters pests in london

Having pests such as fleas, ticks, ants and mice are a real nuisance both inside and outside of our London homes. Luckily though, if you enjoy gardening or cooking, you can plant your very own pest-repellent garden that is lovely to look at and useful too.

If you have pets though, you have to be super careful about what type of plants you put in the garden. Plants like citronella and eucalyptus are great at repelling pests, but are also poisonous to cats and dogs. Read More

Do You Have Woodworm?

wood with woodworm

If you are a wooden furniture lover, it’s integral to keep it in top condition. To do this, the proper care and consideration has to be taken, including what environment to keep the furniture in. Wood has great durability, and has the ability to age well as well.

So what happens when an issue with woodworm happens, and how do you spot it? Some types of wood are particularly prone to woodworm, like antique or beech furniture. Identifying a woodworm problem early on is how you prevent further damage from happening.

wood with woodworm

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