Have You Got the Holiday Bug?

holiday bugs

There are so many stories in the news where you hear about bugs from overseas being existent in the UK, but many of us have diverse opinions on this.

A lot of people like to establish the root cause because knowledge is power. However, the truth is that nobody can be sure where they come from. What we do know, however, is that there is every chance it has something to do with that holiday you took a few months ago, or last year or whenever.

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Time to Spring Clean?

emergency london pest control services

The majority of us tend to expect a certain type of pest during each particular season, although a lot of those pests still exist in the other seasons, we just don’t think about them as we don’t see them as often.

Soon enough, winter will be coming to an end and the next season is about to spring on us, but what else springs up with springtime?

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Lady and the Tramp

pest control in london

We all know the wonderful tale that Walt Disney told us about the Lady and the Tramp, and the romantic moment they shared while dining outside with their spaghetti. However, this kind of moment can’t be shared without the risk of mice or rats hanging around.

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Resolutions For Your Home

Pest Control in London

There are some things we continually procrastinate doing, but as we enter 2016, we are full of optimism and enthusiasm that we will get around to them this year!

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The Fox and Christmas

Fox Control in London

So, the time of year has been and gone where we have all eaten a little more than we should have done, and perhaps a little more on top of that, too.

However, we are all guilty of making too much food so it can be assumed that we have also thrown a reasonable amount of food away over the festive period – therefore inviting all those who roam the streets with four paws to dig around for some leftover turkey.

London fox posing danger to pets

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Mince Flies, Anyone?

It’s almost Christmas – a time when we all eat, drink and be merry to our heart’s content.

With an abundance of food on offer, from nuts, crisps, nibbles, chocolates and cakes, through to your roast turkey dinner and all the trimmings in lashings of gravy; there is by far more than enough to go around, and more often than not, there is a lot wasted, too.

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London Pest Solutions

Pests, these days, seem to be taking over. They are everywhere we go; they get into rubbish, and we all know someone who has had an issue with pests that needed resolving. Some are relatively harmless; others are more dangerous. However, none are wanted in our homes or gardens, so utilising pest solutions in London is imperative.

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Invasion of the Super Rat

Pest Control In London

Following on from our previous blog that focused on the common rat that can become a pest in your house, here at Pest Control in London, we bring alarming news. There have been reports of “super rats” that are resistant to pesticides and are all set to seek solace in your homes this winter.

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Beware the Yellow Jackets

The percentage of people who have been bitten by an insect or stung by a wasp is, not surprisingly, very high. You may have experienced one or the other, and the not so lucky people out there that have had the displeasure of both may want to invest in some insect repellent.

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Tis the Season

With autumn well under way and winter just around the corner, you may be forgiven for thinking that you are done with pests and creepy crawlies invading your home for the year. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but, we’re afraid that simply isn’t the case.

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