Are You Worried about the Zika Virus?

Mosquito bite

Spring has finally arrived in the UK which means we can all breathe a sigh of relief as we hang up our winter coats – and reach for our umbrellas instead! Although the weather in spring typically warms up as we ease our way towards summer, it is also much wetter thanks to those April showers!

This combination of warm, wet weather means areas like your garden, and around water and trees will be swarmed with insects like mosquitoes, gnats, and midges.

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Spring Clean Your Pests

Controlling Pest in Spring

As we settle into March, the days get a little longer, a little warmer and the sunshine starts peeking through the gaps in the clouds. With spring fast approaching, it is only natural for our minds to start wandering towards the annual spring clean.

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North London Pest Control

North London Pest Control

Here at Pest Control London, we deal with pest infestations and provide control measures to ensure that your homes and businesses are pest-free and safe for all. We provide a 24-hour service to all the boroughs including North London, East, South, West, Central London and all throughout the Home Counties.

We give our customers a pest control solution that works for them, and we also provide preventative advice to ensure the problem does not come back.

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Spider Watch

Spider pest control

One of the nation’s biggest fears comes attached to eight legs, and, regardless of its size, has the ability to reduce men, women and children into quivering wrecks; shrieking and screaming as they go.

Even some pets are a little apprehensive of them. The spider has taken our nation hostage in our own homes.

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What Bugs You the Most?

bedroom Pest Control

At Pest Control London, we are extremely passionate about putting the world to rights by getting rid of pests. Over the years of experience, however, we have noted that a lot of people do not contact pest control services until the problem has gotten really bad.

Pest Control In London

So, we have put together some things to potentially look out for that could be a cause for concern and a call to the professionals to investigate…

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Have You Got the Holiday Bug?

holiday bugs

There are so many stories in the news where you hear about bugs from overseas being existent in the UK, but many of us have diverse opinions on this.

A lot of people like to establish the root cause because knowledge is power. However, the truth is that nobody can be sure where they come from. What we do know, however, is that there is every chance it has something to do with that holiday you took a few months ago, or last year or whenever.

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Time to Spring Clean?

emergency london pest control services

The majority of us tend to expect a certain type of pest during each particular season, although a lot of those pests still exist in the other seasons, we just don’t think about them as we don’t see them as often.

Soon enough, winter will be coming to an end and the next season is about to spring on us, but what else springs up with springtime?

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Lady and the Tramp

pest control in london

We all know the wonderful tale that Walt Disney told us about the Lady and the Tramp, and the romantic moment they shared while dining outside with their spaghetti. However, this kind of moment can’t be shared without the risk of mice or rats hanging around.

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Resolutions For Your Home

Pest Control in London

There are some things we continually procrastinate doing, but as we enter 2016, we are full of optimism and enthusiasm that we will get around to them this year!

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The Fox and Christmas

Fox Control in London

So, the time of year has been and gone where we have all eaten a little more than we should have done, and perhaps a little more on top of that, too.

However, we are all guilty of making too much food so it can be assumed that we have also thrown a reasonable amount of food away over the festive period – therefore inviting all those who roam the streets with four paws to dig around for some leftover turkey.

London fox posing danger to pets

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