London’s Flying Pest Patrol

If you’re a Londoner, you know all about having annoying pigeons everywhere you go, be it going for a walk around the park, or going about the city to do your shopping, only to be flocked by these birds looking for a bite to eat. If this sounds familiar, you are probably used to the mess they make and the frustration that goes along with trying to avoid their droppings as they rain down at random.

Did you know, however, that lately, London has been seeing a rise in a natural predator of pigeons, the peregrine? They are moving into the city and are on the hunt for their favourite food.

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Not So Cute: UK Squirrels Problems


In movies, squirrels are adorable little woodland creatures that talk to other animals and generally make you laugh. In real life, however, they are not so sweet and definitely are a problem for modern homeowners in the UK.

There are all sorts of problems that they can cause, whether you have squirrels in the loft or in the shed. As such, squirrel control in London has become pretty specific and sophisticated in order to make sure that homeowners can enjoy a squirrel free home. Take a look for yourself at just a few of the problems they can cause to a property…

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Basic Rules of Pest Control


How many of us have unwanted critters lurking around somewhere in our homes?

No matter which season, they seem to be growing rapidly in mass and number, regardless of what you try to do.

If this sounds like something you are currently dealing with, then read on for some great tips.

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Diatomaceous Earth & Carpet Beetles

Since the 1960s, companies have been producing pest control products from silica in the form of crystalline silicon dioxide to kill insects such as carpet beetles.

Silica is a very common deposit that is mined from rivers and other bodies of water, and, when looking at the Earth, Silica makes up over 25% of the planet’s weight, and can be found in various forms, such as clay, glass, sand, emerald, and more.

Natural silica reacts with other elements to form silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide is also known more commonly as diatomaceous earth, a very effective natural pest control substance.

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Weird Places For Wasps Nests

Angry wasp

As you may already know, there are many places that wasps can build nests. You get the normal places like bushes, attics, sheds, etc, which you will need wasp exterminators to deal with, but there are some places that wasp nests are found that have been known to surprise even the most experienced exterminators in the business.

Here are some of the strangest reported locations our residential pest control team have heard:

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Pigeon Postal Service

When we look at the pigeons that fly around the parks and waddle around on the hunt for something to eat, we either think of getting rid of pigeons as pests or cute little animals that deserve a bite of our doughnut.

But, did you know that pigeons have a unique history that actually made them one of the most valuable animals in the world for those that needed to get word to someone else in a distant location. That’s right, you guessed it: messenger birds! Here is everything you need to know about these fascinating historical pigeons.

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Warmer Weather & Your Pets


If you enjoy the changing of the seasons from cold and dreary winter through to spring showers and balmy, summer days then you aren’t alone. As well as the weather being kinder to our skin and health, it is perfect for all those insects and pests that we all love to hate.

While mosquitoes, flies and spiders might be at the top of our To Avoid list, it is important we are just as aware of the pests that bug our pets, too.


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Pest Control When Camping

As summer edges ever closer, our minds wander to holidays, quality time spent with family, friends and loved ones, and getting away from it all. One of the best ways to enjoy the warmer climes without disappearing to the continent for a few days is to make the most of the British Isles and go camping.


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The Case of the Super Bat

Forget Batman Vs. Superman, the star of this show is the Super (immune) Bat.

Some people may consider the bat to be a pest due to its attic roosting; making a mess of their attics and keeping them up all night, and, let’s be honest, who can blame them?

But did you know, there is a much scarier reason to be wary of bats invading your home?

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Spring Time Pests to Look Out For

Angry wasp

If you’re happy to see the warmer weather here at last, then it’s time to dig out those sunglasses and put away your winter coat… because the days are getting longer, the skies are getting brighter and summer is well on its way. Sort of; if we keep saying it, it has to come true, eventually.

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