Controlling Pharaoh Ants UK

ants and ants nest

Now is the season for all sorts of fascinating insects and their nests. If you are finding that your UK home is crawling with Pharaoh Ants, you aren’t alone.

The trick is to know how to get rid of ant pests. If you are looking for some tips, you’ll find some in this post that will help you get the job done by yourself.

If these don’t work, you can call in a professional and they’ll be able to get on top of the problem with a more serious option.

Some infestations are just too big to be handled without intervention, but give these ideas a try…

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Natural Rat Repellents

pest control in london

Rats are a grim experience when they get into your property and then make a home there for themselves, meaning that you are forced to live alongside them in a way that is disgusting to most of us.

While a few can live alongside rats and not really be worried when they are running around in the basement or garage, but most of us find it unacceptable if we see one scampering out of sight in the early morning.

If you’re like most people with a rat problem, you’ve tried and have researched all the different kinds of repellents, but haven’t found the perfect rat control solution to fixing the issue that works with your personal needs.

If you are looking to find some effective natural options, here is the FYI on all the main methods, the ones that seem to have been researched the most.

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Do You Have Clothes Moths?

Moths are a common problem in many homes. They can sneak into a home, make a nest there, and there is a full-blown infestation of them before you know it. If this story is sounding familiar to you, not to worry, you are not alone.

Getting rid of clothes moths is one of the trickiest pest jobs out there because they easily get into your home as hitchhikers, and once they’re in, they’re almost impossible to get out.

Dealing with clothes moths can be made easier, however, by making sure that you’re dealing with the right kind of moth. Proper identification of a clothes moth leads to targeted extermination. Here are some tips on how to identify clothes moths.

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How To Control Pests With A Hoover

Pests are really annoying and dirty. They cause us no end of trouble, and often give us a lot of grief when they’re scurrying away under tables, or giving us a heart attack in the middle of the night when something creeps around under our blankets.

Is any of this sounding familiar? If so, we are here to give you some easy relief by sharing with you just how to get rid of those pests with a simple vacuum cleaner!

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Keep Pests Out Of Your Restaurant!

It’s one thing to have pests in your home, but having them in your place of work – namely, restaurants – is another. It is vital to try and find ways to keep pests out of restaurants. It’s not only important for the quality of the experience but is also about the health and safety of customers.

You may be thinking to yourself “What’s the big deal about pests in the restaurant? They’re gross, sure, but it’s not the worst thing in the world.” And you may be seeking advice about pests like cockroaches. The thing to remember about pests like mice and cockroaches is that they bring all sorts of diseases with them, and deposit them on food preparation surfaces and in food supplies, making them a huge danger to human wellbeing.

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What To Do If You Find A Wasps’ Nest

Finding any kind of stinging insect nest in your shed or home is certainly not a fun experience, and many of us have been in situations before where unwelcome pests have made themselves at home in the worst of places. If this sounds like something you want to know more about, and what to do if wasp problems happen to you, keep reading.

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What Works To Keep Mice At Bay?

Pest Control In London

If you have a typical UK home, odds are that you’ve had a problem with mice a couple of times. It’s simply part of living in a British house. If you are finding that this is a bad year for mice, and you are looking for ways to deal with them, here are some things to keep in mind.

To keep mice out of your home, you have to deal with them from the outside-in
This is very true with pests like mice. They can easily get into your home, so once they’re in, you can assume they’re here to stay. You should put mice traps around the place to keep them at bay, but if you see just one mouse running around, you are going to have to make sure you patch up any holes/other entry points into your home in order to deal with a mouse infestation problem.

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Ants’ Nests: How Do They Work?

When you hear the word “ant”, what do you think of? Probably the little scurrying black creatures that find their way in lines into your home then snack on sweet and sticky food in your kitchen.

Even though having ants in your home is certainly not a good thing, ants are pretty incredible creatures, so even though you might want to get rid of ants, they are more than just household pests. Do know how ants make their nests work, for example? Well, today is your lucky day, as we’ve got all of the information for you right here.

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Home & Away: DIY Bug Control


Having a pest infestation in your home is a major problem to control whether you are at home or on holiday – and can happen to anyone regardless of how clean and hygienic your home may be kept.

Pest’s can still get into your home whether you like it or not; from tiny insects such as ladybirds and ants to bigger pests, such as rats and squirrels.

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Deter Rodents Without Chemicals

If you are seriously interested in getting rid of pests without chemicals or pesticides, you certainly aren’t the only one. You are just one of the quickly growing groups that is looking to achieve rat pest control without the use of harmful chemicals. If you want to learn more, here are some great tips and general information so that you know where to start.

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