Bed Bugs Pest Control In London


Most of us would not flinch if we saw two ladybirds on a nice afternoon as there are some versions of “bugs” that we can actually tolerate.

As kids and I am sure even some adults still play with Ladybirds as they fly around and innocently land on your arm, but are these bugs dangerous at all?

Not really and the most you can really expect is an infestation during winter that will annoy you rather than harm you.

Now a year ago in London, we faced an infestation that made pest control a necessity…or at least you would think so.

Enter the bed bug!

Bed Bugs Pest Control


Higher temperatures had increased the infestation simply because it shortened reproductive cycles and pretty much every city in the world is exposed to beg bugs, so they are certainly not exclusive to London.

Here is an article about the bed bug from the University of Minnesota, so you can see the problem is truly worldwide!

Bed bugs require pest control specialists wherever you are and the recent infestation in London was not confined to say one home, a dingy bed, and breakfast and even affected five-star hotels.

The problem with the recent infestation is the social stigma attached to reporting of having bed bugs which of course, only increases the issue.

Bed bugs — a close-up

First of all, let’s take a look at what these lovely little creatures do — in simple terms, these suck your blood.


Yes, think of them as mini “draculas” who simply need to eat (suck) your blood to keep them alive and they can obviously stay in your bed, but also in furniture and travel in luggage!

They are slightly international in this way as they have been known to travel in suitcases!

So I doubt you will want to be as close to the creature to be able to identify it like in the picture, but that is what a close-up looks like.

It doesn’t look too nice close-up, does it?

Bed bugs are not fatal as explained in this article from the NHS, but there are rare occasions as with anything, where reactions to being bitten can prove more serious, such as when breathing becomes affected due to having a reaction to being bitten.

Symptoms of being bitten include:

  • a burning painful sensation
  • a raised itchy bump with a clear center
  • a red itchy bump with a dark center and lighter surrounding area
  • small red bumps or welts in a zigzag or a line
  • small red bumps surrounded by blisters or hives

There is, however, one other problem and some people can have absolutely no reaction to being bitten, but yet remain “infested.”

So the first thing to do if you suspect that you have been bitten by bed bugs or have them in your home or anywhere else is to call pest control.

Please do not be embarrassed about calling pest control and at pest exterminators in London, we have seen it all regarding bugs and pests so please call us if you have a problem and we operate 24/7 and 365 days of the year, plus we are extremely helpful, friendly and strangely passionate about pests and bugs!

How pest control deals with bed bugs

The treatment for beg bugs requires firstly an inspection to make sure that the extent of the infestation is known and then a treatment plan where we can make sure they are removed completely, with the least amount of disruption and quickly.


There are two key treatments:

  • Using heat treatment to make sure in simple terms that they cannot survive
  • Using insecticides to make sure the heat treatment has worked

This combination treatment is the most effective and there are certain steps you can take before we arrive and after we have gone.

We will also ensure that we come back after 2 weeks and this is because sometimes some of the creatures will survive and re-breed.

We have a detailed article describing everything you need to know — Bed Bug Control London, so take a look.

If you have any problem with bed bugs or any pests then we are just one phone call away:

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Higher temperatures and ever-changing global weather conditions mean that bed bugs will be part of life, especially in large cities like London.

Learn to understand the symptoms of bed bug infestation and realize that as a person, you can be “infested” yet display no symptoms or reaction.

Bed bugs are relatively harmless although, like all bites from any creature, some can prove dangerous.

They can, however, be treated quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of disruption.

If you have any concerns with bed bugs or any other pests then simply call:

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Once again, please don’t feel embarrassed about having these little creatures as they do not discriminate in relation to potential targets.

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