How Can Rodents Make You Ill

Rodents carry a huge range of diseases causing bacteria, which can easily be spread to humans. Hundreds of years of European history were dominated by the bubonic plague, a deadly disease attributed to rats. Today, rat and mouse removal by a professional is still vital, as a rodent infestation can still make humans ill if left unattended.

How Do Rodents Transmit Diseases

  • Direct contact with contaminated faeces, urine, blood and saliva, or handling a dead rodent with bare hands.
  • Being bitten or scratched by a rodent.
  • Inhaling air that has been contaminated with rodent poo and urine.
  • Ingesting contaminated food or drink.

What Diseases Can Rodents Cause

  • Salmonella – Rodents are the main cause of salmonella in the UK. It’s easily transmitted to different people because of poor hand hygiene.
  • Typhoid Fever – When poor hygiene is widespread, typhoid takes over as an endemic in some countries. Children are particularly susceptible to this disease because they are more vulnerable.
  • Hantavirus – Voles and mice are responsible for this nasty disease. The symptoms mimic those of the flu. Having any sort of contact with rodents urine, saliva or faeces could infect you with this disease.
  • Plague – Although a much more common thing in the past, the plague is caused by infected fleas living on the rodents.
  • Weil’s Disease – Causes organ failure and internal bleeding if contracted.
  • Rat Bite Fever – Symptoms of the fever differ depending on the type of bacteria that the person has been infected with.

Plus many, many more!

Tips To Prevent Rodents

  • Don’t handle dead rodents – A dead rat or mouse is incredibly dangerous because they carry a lot of different diseases. If you have to remove dead rodent from your home, make sure you wear the proper protection including rubber gloves. Also, wear a face mask and always disinfect the area thoroughly afterwards.
  • Pest proof your home – Repair any damages and leaks around your home to make it inaccessible and less appealing to rodents. Install sweeps on the bottom of your doors, and seal any cracks around your windows also.
  • Contact us – Enlisting our help as a reputable pest control company can help you to prevent and get rid of any rodents (or any pest) from off your property. We have the right tools and experience to get the job done, so you won’t have to worry about any sort of rodent infestation in the future.


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