Prepare Early For Winter Pests

winter pest control in london

Hopefully, you’ve been preventing pests during the autumn,  but remember that winter is not far around the corner which means even cooler temperatures…not only to us but to pests of all shapes and sizes too. They interpret the weather changes in the same way we do, which means they will be seeking a warm, safe place to wait out the colder months.

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7 Interesting Facts About Squirrels

london urban squirrel on a fence

It’s that time of year where you have to start worrying about your friendly neighbourhood London squirrels and their nuisance behaviour of creeping into your loft or your shed and causing damage. Before you get out the pitchforks, however, you should find out how pest control companies handle squirrels. And in the meantime, here are a few insights into what makes squirrels so interesting…

1. There are over 280 species of squirrels: they may all look similar to each other to you, and you’re not alone in thinking that, but there are a lot of different kinds!

2. Squirrels love to hoard their food: You may already know this from finding little stock piles in your garden in the spring, but squirrels are some of the worst pests for hoarding their food in hiding spots, other than foxes.

3. Squirrels are super sniffers: These guys can sniff out food that is buried a foot beneath the snow! Maybe that’s how they find all the food they’ve hidden…

4. Squirrels have great eyesight, too: This is how they keep themselves safe from predators of all kinds…they can see everything!

5. They have massive front teeth: This may be a commonly known fact for us, as we are used to seeing these animals with their large front teeth. But did you know that rodents’ teeth never stop growing? This is part of why they love nibbling so much, as it keeps the teeth from getting too big. Pretty interesting trait to have don’t you think?

6. Squirrels plant trees: When squirrels forget too dig up a hidden acorn, it can actually plant a tree. Talk about multitasking. Save a squirrel, they’re helping reverse deforestation!

7. Squirrels are sneaky: Anyone who has tried to keep a squirrel off a feeder knows this, but it goes further. Squirrels, knowing that predators are watching them bury their food, will often pretend to bury something, but not really do it. Pretty innovative, and it has proved successful so far for many squirrels out there. Being so sneaky means that squirrels are successful pests too!

It’s understandable if you aren’t the biggest fans of squirrels, except in the park, but the thing to remember is that they aren’t just pests like some rodents are. They do some good for the environment. Plus, you have to admit that some of these facts are pretty inspiring.

INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Good Reasons To Get Rid of Mice

reasons to get rid of mice infographic

Our mouse control technicians here at Empire Pest Control London put their expertise to bring you this useful infographic to provide you with some helpful insights into some of the main reasons you should get rid of mice as early on as possible. There are some points here that you might not have been aware of, things we are able to advise about based on many years of experience in the area of pest control for mice. People often call in pest services to deal with a mouse problem in London because they are scared of these creatures or think they are unhygienic to have in the house.

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How Do Electric Fly Control Units Work?

fly pest control zappers

If you are like any normal modern person who hates having insects buzzing around and causing problems, you’ve probably thought about looking into an electric fly unit. These are electric zappers that will attract insects and then kill them with an electric current. This is where you will find out everything you need to know about the technology and the options.

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Thinking Like a Bug to Prevent Pests

think like a bug

If you’re like most people in London, you are a busy person who doesn’t have a lot of time to deal with anything other than the essential things that are popping up in your life. And, unless you are a pest control officer, dealing with an invasion of pests is not on your ” to do” list. So, make sure they are never a problem for you by working to think like a pest to keep your home free from their favourite things. We have all of the advice that you need to do this effectively.

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Mouse Maths: How Fast Do Mice Multiply?

mouse reproduction rate

They say that in order to win a battle, you must first know your enemy. Therefore, we are here with all the facts you need to know about mouse maths. Specifically, …how fast these pests multiply. A mouse will tend to have approximately 30 to 35 babies per year, so that means that you could really be dealing with a huge mouse population in your home if you don’t take action fast.

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Which Types Of Moths Are In My Home?

clothes moth pest services

Are you having a problem with little flying pests who love to make a home inside of your closets or your kitchen?

If so, then the odds are that you are quickly getting frustrated with living with them, and want them out of your home. Moths are becoming a greater problem requiring professional pest solution in London homes with each passing year.

The best way to get them gone is by learning what kind of pest they are so that a professional London pest control service can deal with them properly. Here are some tips to help you identify the most popular kinds of moths.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How to Get Rid of Rats

how to get rid of rats uk infographic

A great little infographic we put together to give some suggestions on how to get rid of rats.

There is a lot of information here, set out in bite-sized chunks, that is based on our years of experience in the field of rat pest control and the accumulated expertise of our busy London pest control team.

Find out exactly what kinds of steps you can take to start preventing rats from living in your home at a glance, with our attractive and visually well laid out infographic…

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Cockroaches: How Do I Know If I’ve Got Them?

cockroach control london

Let’s be honest about it, cockroaches are horrid pests that can cause no end of frustration and disgust in most homeowners. If you have dealt with them even once, you know the potential horror of the situation. The sooner you identify if you have a cockroach problem, the easier it is to deal with it. So without further ado, let’s flag up what the easiest signs to look for are when it comes to cockroaches.

  1. Actually seeing a cockroach: Yes, this sounds silly, but it needs to be addressed. These insects tend to be most active during the night, so the best way to catch them in action is to turn on your lights randomly at night and see if you can spot one hurrying away in a panic. Definitely not a fun way to identify their presence, but it’ll confirm your suspicions.
  2. Seeing droppings: Like other pests, it can be hard to find their droppings if you are not sure exactly what you are looking for, but you will definitely find faeces from these pests in your home if you have an infestation, normally close to walls and on window sills (well-known transportation routes of cockroaches). They’ll be small – less than 2mm in size, so look carefully.
  3. Egg and skin casings: It’s gross to think about, but cockroaches leave casings of skin and eggs, so take a look in those dark corners and see if you find these for yourself. You’ll probably know it if you see them but check online if you need a guide to help you out.
  4. Grease/smear marks: If there is plenty of water around, you’ll see actual trails of the cockroaches as they move around your property and make themselves at home. The trails are easily recognisable, and you will know right away if you have an infestation.
  5. Odour: Yes, these guys are stinky. You’ll know you have an infestation if you start to smell something musty with no other explanation. This will tell you-you’ve got an infestation that needs to be looked at. You can’t mistake the smell for anything else, that’s for sure.


These tips should help you get on the right track when it comes to cockroach detection. And even though scientists are now saying that cockroaches have individual personalities, no one wants to have one scuttling around the house, let alone finding there is a whole colony, so these signs will give you things to watch for in good time.

Pests Lurking In Gutters

expert pest control london

As the weather starts to cool and autumn heads into the air, you’ll find all sorts of creatures looking to find a home to spend the winter, whether you like that idea or not.

While you’ve probably already thought about protecting your home from being invaded by these pests, have you thought about the steps you need to take to keep the outside of your home safe too?

Specifically, your gutters. Here are some of the common pests that our pest control London technicians have found making a home for themselves in your gutters.

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