How About a Winter Feast of Insects!

are some insects edible

There are many countries across the globe that offer insects as a snack, and maybe even a full Christmas dinner! But apart from the types of insects that need pest control, why could introducing edible bugs to your UK diet be so beneficial?

Edible Bugs

Around 1,900 species of insects are suitable for human consumption. That’s a lot! Most of these are beetles and caterpillars. With this huge amount of protein that can be taken from an insect, it’s no wonder the UN is trying to persuade more and more people to eat bugs, helping to fight world hunger.

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There’s A Mouse In My Christmas Tree!

christmas tree mice

Christmas is the most special time of the year, where we get together with our families and celebrate with giving and sharing. Other than opening your home to your distant relatives this year, you may be welcoming another visitor to your home…mice!

So now you’re thinking, how? Putting your tree up marks the start of the Christmas holiday, and no home is complete without one at this time of year. The last thing on your mind is to associate it with London house mouse pest control issues!

But, did you know Christmas is a great season for mice to invade your London home? And, why?

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Start Your Winter Proofing Routine!

winter pest proofing in london

With winter well underway, and Christmas right around the corner, other important jobs around the home can fall to the wayside, such as pest-proofing your home. Winter pests such as rodents, spiders and cockroaches, are moving indoors to get away from the cold, and your home is the perfect place for them to stay.

To avoid any infestations, it’s best to pest proof your home. They can cause serious problems to your family once inside, so it’s crucial to prevent them from getting in the first place. Rodents can cause serious damage to a property, chewing through walls, wiring and furniture. There’s also the potential risk that they can contaminate food, and spread diseases like salmonella. That’s the last thing you want on Christmas Day, finding paw prints in your pudding!


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Recognise A Bad Bug From A Good Bug

ladybirds are not pests

Not all bugs you encounter need to be eradicated immediately. Some insects are regularly mistaken for each other, and one is normally good and should be encouraged, whilst the other should be sent packing. When it comes to residential pest control in London, or any region of the UK in fact, it is important to know which insects to encourage in your garden and which one to eradicate. Here are some good bugs and bad bugs, plus some ways to control the unwanted ones the natural way. Read More

10 Need To Know Cockroach Facts

cockroach infestation in london home

Cockroaches are disgusting, it’s a well-known fact! And if you find even one or two of these pests in your London property, you need to call in a professional straight away. But did you know, they can also be quite interesting? For example, the average age of a cockroach is about a year, but they have actually been on the planet for a super long time. Evidence gathered from fossils shows they could have existed for over 300 million years! I wonder how dinosaurs dealt with their pest control.


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How To Know If You Have Mice Or Rats

do you have rats or mice

Both rats and mice need pest control as soon as possible. Rodents are sneaky little creatures that can hide easily and are often heard scurrying around at night. And they breed fast. If you have noticed and dealt with a mouse or rat problem in the past and dealt with it, you have to keep looking around to make sure that you don’t have new mice or rats moving in and causing another infestation. Here are some signs to watch for, if you feel like you may still have mice or rats in your home.

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What’s The Buzz On Bee Removal?

Colony of London bees swarming

Don’t let the title fool you: bee removal is serious business. If you notice that you have a hive in your home or around it, then bee removal is something that you need to look at seriously so that you can enjoy your home and property once again. It is recommended that you always get a professional help you remove bees, as they can be very dangerous to both you and your home.

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How To Handle Bats In Your House

bats in the house

Having a bat inside your home does not mean you have an infestation on your hands, contrary to popular belief. One bat, of course, is a problem, but it may just be an isolated incident.

When you notice a bat has entered your house, the first step is to make sure there hasn’t been any exposure to pets or individuals within your home. If you are uncertain of this, make sure the bat is submitted for rabies testing for peace of mind. For this to happen, you would need to catch it, although this method isn’t recommended without professional help.

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Problems Rodents Can Cause Pets

rodent causing pest problems

Not only do rodents cause significant property damage, but they also carry diseases which can be transmitted to your pets, that can become deadly. They also carry fleas and ticks which are easily given to your pets, so it is best to take these rodent control solutions to prevent rodents from nesting in your property.

rodent causing pest problems

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The Dangers Posed To Pets By Foxes

London fox posing danger to pets

There is a lot of debate on whether foxes need to be controlled because they pose a danger to domestic pets. Animals such as cats and dogs, which will defend themselves if attacked and fight back, whilst caged and small animals living outdoors are considered to be the ones most at risk.

Dogs are generally not in danger from foxes, although there is a risk that very small dogs or puppies may be attacked because of their small stature. Cats have defensive behaviour in their nature, so foxes tend to leave them alone.


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