5 Signs You Have Rats

london rat babies

Rats. They are one of the most disturbing pests to London homeowners (especially with the rise of the super-rat!) because the city is so riddled with them. Rats account for a significant proportion of our residential pest control call outs. Beyond the awful health hazards and damages they can cause to our property, just the idea of having rats infesting your space is enough to make your skin crawl. You will definitely want to get rid of rats in your house as soon as possible.


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Our London Pest Control Contracts

london street scene

Having a pest control contract in place for your London business will make sure you have peace of mind. the right prevention and correction ready to reduce the risk of pest infestations. It also will protect your business profits and the environment too.

When you have a pest control contract with us, we can offer you a flexible programme that is designed around your specific needs. It will significantly reduce the risk of pest infestations in the workplace. And also improve the health and welfare of your staff. Read More

10 Impressive Ant Facts

ant in a london garden

In a lot of ways, ants can outwit and outlast humans. They live in communities, which enables them to survive well. They can even thrive in conditions that would be challenging for individuals.

Ants can be a pest, there is no doubt about that. And we know all too well how many people in London need ant pest control to be carried. However, there are lots of strange and funny facts about ants. They might even convince you that they are the superior race!

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Are London Foxes Dangerous?

london urban fox sleeping

Generally, foxes around during the day are timid and don’t want to be seen. They pose little to no danger to us. Foxes naturally prey upon small mammals and birds. Also, they are scared of anything larger than what they like to eat.

Not only will they eat meat, but foxes also love to forage for vegetables and berries as well (this usually results in them going through your bins!). Their varied diet is why they thrive so much in London, especially in the more built-up areas.

In London, they scavenge for pet food left out and in our rubbish bins during the night, so London gardens may need fox proofing.

Fox Removal

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Are Pests Starting To Come Indoors?

signs of spring ducklings

We’ve had a pretty mild winter this year, and spring is looking lovely too. Let’s look forward to a great, warm summer!

In winter, pests usually find a place to hide when the temperatures start to drop, and the frost sets in. This is one of the biggest reasons that pests tend to come inside during the autumn months, to find protection against the cold.

car outside a london home

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How Can Rodents Make You Ill

image of a mouse

Rodents carry a huge range of diseases causing bacteria, which can easily be spread to humans. Hundreds of years of European history were dominated by the bubonic plague, a deadly disease attributed to rats. Today, rat and mouse removal by a professional is still vital, as a rodent infestation can still make humans ill if left unattended.

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Why You Should Remove Garden Clutter

flowers in a london garden

Your garden is a safe haven for some insects. It provides shelter, food and a great place to breed. Some insects you don’t want in your garden, such as pests, can cause a lot of damage. Pests love to hide undetected, and having a cluttered garden will make it even easier for them to gain shelter.

flowers in a london garden

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Combat Pests While Camping

camping with pests

Camping is a relaxing pastime for many of us here in UK (when we get the weather for it!). Having a successful camping trip involves a lot of moving parts, but one thing you definitely don’t want is to have pests make an appearance.

If you are thinking about heading out of the City and the pests in your local London area, remember to be prepared to deal with the ones outdoors in the countryside too!

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Common Hiding Places For Fleas

london cat sleeping

Fleas are maybe one of the smallest but most persistent pests you can come across in the pest world. They are also one of the most costly pests too, as millions is spent each year in the UK to keep fleas under control. Flea treatments and prevention is one of the largest expenses any pet owners can have.

Over the years, fleas have built up a tolerance to certain flea control products. By changing your products periodically, you can keep the fleas sensitive to a wide range of pesticides.


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Are Flies The Most Disruptive Pest?

fly in a london restaurant

Flies are a huge concern for many people in the UK, especially those of us who own and operate a business within the food industry. This particular pest is known to spread over 200 different diseases. This not only conflicts with health and safety standards, but puts you, your family and your staff at risk.

A lot of money is spent each year on fly prevention and control. The impact fly infestations can have on a business is vast. It ranges from staff absences to loss of profits and damage to brand reputation.


fly pest control zappers

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