What To Do When You Have Ants

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Here’s a fact not many people know. There are over 12,000 types of ant in the world. Most of us here in  in the capital, whether we reside in North London or live South of the river, don’t notice ants outdoors. In fact we rarely pay them any attention at all…until they decide to come into our homes that is. If you have noticed ants marching into your London home, you might appreciate knowing some of the steps you can take to eradicate them. Read More

Reasons To Get A Pest Inspection

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Pests can be a huge problem for your London home or business. Infestations bring a lot of health problems with them, and can even lead to structural damage – creating serious safety issues. As well as this, there are also economic and financial reasons to conduct a pest control inspection at your property.

Having a pest problem is very serious, even if the repercussions aren’t obvious immediately. There are plenty of reasons why you should have a pest control inspection in your London property. Read More

Insect Proof Your London Garden

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Every London garden has pests. It is almost impossible to completely eradicate pests from your garden. But you can fight back against pests without risking the health of your plants or spending lots of money.

The tips we’re giving you in this post can be used together to protect against problem insects and other pests in your garden. Many problems can be approached on several fronts. So if one solution doesn’t work, move on to the next. When it comes to London pest prevention, you need to stay alert. It’s easier to protect your garden and your home if you act before or at the earliest signs of trouble. Read More

Why Is Organic Pest Control Popular?

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More and more of us in the UK are trying to go green. Especially in London, there are many of us attempting to lessen our carbon footprint and go organic. Whether it is cleaning supplies or meal ingredients, opting for organic options is on the rise.

So it comes as no surprise that all natural, green options are becoming more and more available in the pest control industry. Whether you want to swap to organic pest control for safety. Or you want to be kinder to the environment, there’s lots of reasons you should consider before switching to organic pest control. Read More

Plants That Help Deter Pests

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Having pests such as fleas, ticks, ants and mice are a real nuisance both inside and outside of our London homes. Luckily though, if you enjoy gardening or cooking, you can plant your very own pest-repellent garden that is lovely to look at and useful too.

If you have pets though, you have to be super careful about what type of plants you put in the garden. Plants like citronella and eucalyptus are great at repelling pests, but are also poisonous to cats and dogs. Read More

Do You Have Woodworm?

wood with woodworm

If you are a wooden furniture lover, it’s integral to keep it in top condition. To do this, the proper care and consideration has to be taken, including what environment to keep the furniture in. Wood has great durability, and has the ability to age well as well.

So what happens when an issue with woodworm happens, and how do you spot it? Some types of wood are particularly prone to woodworm, like antique or beech furniture. Identifying a woodworm problem early on is how you prevent further damage from happening. Read More

5 Signs You Have Rats

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Rats. They are one of the most disturbing pests to London homeowners (especially with the rise of the super-rat!) because the city is so riddled with them. Rats account for a significant proportion of our residential pest control call outs. Beyond the awful health hazards and damages they can cause to our property, just the idea of having rats infesting your space is enough to make your skin crawl. You will definitely want to get rid of rats in your house as soon as possible. Read More

Our London Pest Control Contracts

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Having a pest control contract in place for your London business will make sure you have peace of mind. the right prevention and correction ready to reduce the risk of pest infestations. It also will protect your business profits and the environment too.

When you have a pest control contract with us, we can offer you a flexible programme that is designed around your specific needs. It will significantly reduce the risk of pest infestations in the workplace. And also improve the health and welfare of your staff. Read More

10 Impressive Ant Facts

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In a lot of ways, ants can outwit and outlast humans. They live in communities, which enables them to survive well. They can even thrive in conditions that would be challenging for individuals.

Ants can be a pest, there is no doubt about that. And we know all too well how many people in London need ant pest control to be carried. However, there are lots of strange and funny facts about ants. They might even convince you that they are the superior race! Read More

Are London Foxes Dangerous?

london urban fox sleeping

Generally, foxes around during the day are timid and don’t want to be seen. They pose little to no danger to us. Foxes naturally prey upon small mammals and birds. Also, they are scared of anything larger than what they like to eat. Not only will they eat meat, foxes love to forage for vegetables and berries as well (this usually results in them going through your bins!). Their varied diet is why they thrive so much in London, especially in the more built up areas. In London, they scavenge for pet food left out and in our rubbish bins during the night, so London gardens may need fox proofing. Read More