How To Bed Bug Proof Your Mattress

An absolute nightmare for any London home owner are bed bugs. They are difficult to treat, and are notoriously hard to completely eradicate when you already have an infestation.

So how can you protect your mattress?

A great option to consider is to buy a protective cover to stop any access to your mattress by bed bugs. These covers will seal the mattress and the springs, so it will keep any existing bugs trapped (and they’ll eventually die), and will also keep new bugs out. A mattress cover won’t keep bed bugs from crawling onto your bed and biting you as you sleep though.

To keep you and your family safe from bed bugs, you need to keep up a solid prevention routine. Preventing an infestation is far easier than treating one that’s already happened.

Here are some top prevention tips

  • Vacuum your carpets on a regular basis. This will eliminate any eggs that may be there, and destroy any bugs that may be lurking.
  • Check your bed sheets for signs of blood spots.
  • Visually inspect your mattress with a small torch. You will be able to see bed bugs under direct light.
  • Never bring second hand furniture or bedding into your home without giving it a thorough inspection first. A great thing to do would be to have it checked by a professional pest controller before you let it enter your home.
  • Regularly inspect your pets bedding for signs of bed bugs (or any other pests that might be hiding there).

Seeking the help of a professional pest control company is imperative to rid yourself of a bed bug infestation. We can provide you with the best, most effective bed bug treatment in the London area. Our treatments are highly effective at destroying bed bugs at every stage of life.

For more information on our bed bug treatments, give us a call today.


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