Prepare Early For Winter Pests

Hopefully, you’ve been preventing pests during the autumn,  but remember that winter is not far around the corner which means even cooler temperatures…not only to us but to pests of all shapes and sizes too. They interpret the weather changes in the same way we do, which means they will be seeking a warm, safe place to wait out the colder months.

Unfortunately, your London home is the perfect habitat for their winter retreat. You can take some simple steps to prevent pests from entering your home this winter though with these simple do’s and don’ts.

Seal up cracks and crevices that have formed outside your home with sealant, blocking any easy points of entry for pests. This is the first step in keeping them out, as they will be attracted to the warmth absorbed by the walls from the sun.

Putting up screens on vents and fans that open up to the outside is a good idea for pest prevention.

Some insects are super attracted to light, so consider replacing those bulbs with a dimmer light so pests are less tempted to fly through your doorway. If you have exterior lighting that leads to your house it may be time to assess it, and take steps to stop any nasty creatures accessing your property.

A sure fire way to prevent insects is to apply insecticide outdoors, around the perimeter of your building, but always contact Exterminators pest control London to do this for you.

Sweep or vacuum insects up immediately if you find any in or around your home, and dispose of them outdoors. Insects use scent as a protective measure, and will emit an odour that lingers even after they’re dead. You don’t want your vacuum cleaner or home permeated with that stench.

Also, don’t forget to seal around any mechanical elements such as telephone lines with a strong sealant. Even though those crevices may be small, size does not matter to pests seeking warmth for the winter. Insects will find their way into your home if there is an opening to a better climate available.

Pest species vary from place to place, but they all behave in the same way. They all seek shelter from the harsh winter months when they infest your home. Preparing yourself against them this winter will ensure you a warm and pest free home.


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