6 Things About Pest Control Services


Pest Exterminators in London offer the best pest control services to its clients. However, we are not the only pest control company existing in London.

Before hiring a company to take care of pest infestation, you need to look into a few things that will favour you as the client and also be environmentally friendly towards the pests you are getting rid of.

Getting professional help when it comes to pest control is definitely the best way to go if you do not wish to handle the business yourself.

A pest control expert knows the best methods to use and will also offer to advise on how to get rid of the infestation in the near future. However, things might get a little tricky if you have never hired professional help towards pest control since the service is offered by different companies all over London.

Below are things you need to consider before hiring a Pest Control Service

  1. Research – Get to learn about the various companies that are offering the same service and compare them to each other. Read the reviews and if possible, contact anyone who got their services recently and asks how they find them. Select the best and make a list. When it comes to comparison, you can use affordability rates, services offered and the expertise that come along with it. Comparing prices is one factor everyone majors in but do not forget “cheap is expensive”. Always make sure the list you are coming up with is of companies that are offering what you want and need. Affordability should be the last thing you look in to. Concentrate on the services offered as well as their experience.
  2. home-emergency-cover-pest-controlLicense and Certification – with the increased number of service providers in London, it is important to look into companies that have been given the license and certificate to offer their services. Make sure the company has the proper paperwork when it comes to pest control and the experience in terms of years together with the professional team on board. A license is offered to companies that offer pest control services in the right manner as well as hiring a team that understands the environment as well as the people who can be affected.
  3. Experience and Professionalism – Looking for the maximum experience of two to four years is the safest way to go. Why would you hire a company that is new to controlling pests, it is better to do it on your own then! Before hiring a pest control service, make sure you have hired professionals in the field. A company that has been in the business for more than two years gives one the confidant of knowing what they are doing. Professionals do not only get rid of pests but also offer the best solutions for preventing future infestations.
  4. Bird-ControlEnvironment-friendly techniques – there are different ways of getting rid of pests and one of the best options is using pesticides. As much as pesticides do get rid of pests, they are harmful to human. Pest control service companies are aware of all methods that are best used in homes, offices or even industrial companies. They use the best-recommended option in getting rid of pests around you. Hiring a professional is not the same as you get off the counter solutions on pests. Experts will analyze the situation and come up with the best possible solutions for helping the client out with their problem.
  5. Best service – the best company in this business will ensure you get the guaranteed services. The company will ensure they have a 24/7 support team to answer your calls at any particular time, ensure an expert handles your request at the earliest to the best of their ability with the right methods and be able to do follow-ups after the service has been completed. Customer satisfaction is one of the main reasons the pest control service is in business.
  6. Resources – a pest control service company should have the right resources to carry out a job. You should not want to clean out your whole office and end up using your own resources to get the job done while a service company is on site. The right company will have a team in place together with the necessary resources needed to complete the job and satisfy the client. No job should be too big for a company to complete.

Conclusion Different companies offer the same service and it is important you weigh down on the best before hiring anyone.

Pest Exterminators do offer nothing but professional services to clients in and around London.

We have the necessary resources required to carry out work and satisfy the client. See more details https://www.pestcontrolinlondon.co.uk/

When To Call an Exterminator


It’s best to know one’s opponents first before one gets to know how to beat them hence a few facts about cockroaches. 

When most people think about cockroaches, the picture that comes to mind is that of a revolting large brown insect with long antennae that apparently hates light. 

The sight of those long antennae on its head, sweeping this way and that, is certainly a sight that unnerves even the most hardened of people. 

Some Facts about Cockroaches

Though the cockroach is a true insect, this revolting pest is not necessarily afraid of the light. 

Its tendency to hide from light is due to a survival instinct that helps it to stay alive. 

By hiding in narrow hard-to-reach crevices, this annoying pest avoids the attention of would-be predators and harm from humans. 

It is a well-known fact that ‘roaches’, as they are more commonly known, do not favour encounters with rats or mice. In the event of such a meeting, the large brown insect becomes a sumptuous meal for the rodents.

The cockroach, or Cucaracha in Spanish, is a bonafide member of the class Insecta and is in fact related to termites. 

It is one of the oldest insect species on the planet dating to the time of the dinosaurs. One might imagine that the ancestors of the common roach were large gustily looking insectoid creatures but this is not the case. 

The ancestor and the modern-day roach have fairly the same size and form. Thus the cockroach has essentially not changed for thousands of years. 

Cockroaches are able to survive in a wide range of environments from the tundra where the temperature can fall below -5 degrees celsius to hot desert areas with the temperature rising above 40 degrees celsius. This insect has a long lifespan living up to an entire year. 

Finally, cockroaches are omnivorous and can eat almost anything including rotting fruit, wood, bread, paper, glue, leather, hair, cooked and dried meat and so forth. Furthermore, cockroaches can survive up to four weeks without food. Cockroaches are indeed a hardy insect.

Cockroaches in the Home

Cockroaches can be found in many places around the house. However, encounters with this insect are usually rare during the day or when there is continuous lighting in the rooms. 

This is primarily because domestic cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and hence tend to come out to feed at night. Furthermore, this insect tends to abhor light and will certainly scurry away from sight when the lights in a room are switched on. 

This is why it is possible for cockroaches to thrive and infest your home and yet have the residents unaware of the true extent of the infestation.

There are a number of things someone can do to determine for certain whether there is a cockroach infestation in their home. Taking such action is prudent prior to calling an exterminator and thus incurring the subsequent cost. It is quite possible to personally deal with small infestations. 

It is best to call an exterminator when one has evidence of an actual cockroach infestation of their home by roaches. One should start with the kitchen as this is the room in the house in which food is prepared. The following guidelines should be helpful

  • Open kitchen drawers and empty their contents on a table. A sure sign of the presence of cockroaches is actually seeing actual insects in the drawers. An equally valid sign of an infestation is the presence of a considerable amount of the tiny black cockroach droppings. The accumulation of roach droppings is evidence of the prolonged presence of the insect in your home hence a greater period for them to breed and infest your house.
  • Sweep under the cupboard and refrigerator. Be certain to get to those hard to reach areas even if it means moving the heavy fridge or cupboard from their usual location within the kitchen. Check the debris that has been swept into the open. Yet again, the presence of a considerable amount of the tiny black cockroach droppings is a sure sign of infestation.
  • Using a brush, sweep those hard to reach shelves in the kitchen and put the swept up debris into a convenient receptacle. Then proceed to check the debris for the tiny black cockroach droppings that would indicate the presence of a cockroach infestation.

Once one has attained enough factual evidence to confirm the presence of a cockroach infestation in your home, it then becomes justified to call an exterminator to address the issue. 

A large proportion of the exterminator’s efforts to eradicate the cockroach infestation would be focused on the kitchen, the prime food source. However, to eradicate roaches hidden in other rooms in the house, exterminators will work on other rooms including the sitting room, dining room and even bedrooms.

8 Good Reasons To Get Rid Of Mice


There are many reasons to get rid of mice in your London house, and here we have 8 good reasons to get rid of your mice with this video, you might not be aware of.

If you may have been concerned about how to getting rid of mice in your home or commercial properties in London, our mouse control specialists in London can help you tackle the issue with our emergency pest removal services.

How To Get Rid of Mice?


Are you looking for how to get rid of mice? –

We have made this infographic about mice pest control, you will see how.

How To Get Rid of Mice

Finding unwanted mice in your home or finding mice at your business can cause quite the scare.

Knowing where the mice came from is crucial to keeping them out and preventing them from coming back.

Mice Are Everywhere

Common house mice seem to be harmless, but they pose a big threat to homes and businesses.

Where do the mice hide?

House mice prefer undisturbed, warm dry places near food and water. Hiding place like kitchen cabinets, basements and garages are typical places they like to hide.

What are they looking for?

When mice make their way into your home or business, they are seeking shelter. Rodents will also scour your home in search of food and water

Along the way, they will leave droppings and urine that can contaminate everything along their path.

How do mice get inside?

Mice can jump up to 12 inches. They are good climbers and can travel on surfaces like walls and pipes to enter the building.

The lifespan of house mice

House mice can live for over 1 year and sometimes up to 3 years in a house and they generally mate when they are 6 to 10 weeks old.

How do you keep mice out?

The most effective way to keep mice away from entering your home is to eliminate all possible entry point.

There are two primary mice extermination tactics which are baits and traps.

However, these strategies require special care when there are children and pets in your home.

You can reduce the mice population by keeping your pet food sealed in tight jars and keep tight-fitting lids on all your bins.

Remove clutter such as paper and cardboard because mice like to use these to build their nests.

Noticed any signs of mice?

If you have seen signs like droppings, gnaw marks then you may need to call a mouse control exterminator.

Contact Pest Control in London.


Rodent Infestation Horror Stories

london rat babies

There are plenty of rodent infestation horror stories in the press. You only need to make a quick search online to find a multitude of horrible and frankly disgusting stories. It doesn’t matter if it’s the summer or the winter, rodent infestation horror stories are good fodder for the media.

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Bees Pest Control

Angry wasp

In much the same way as Wasps, Bees pest control becomes a priority for many during the springtime. It is during this period that we see Bees emerging from their hibernation during the winter to begin their seasonal habits for the summer time months.

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Wasp Pest Control


As the winter makes way for the spring, wasp pest control becomes more prominent in the minds of many. It is during the spring months that wasps begin to emerge from their winter hibernation.

In the early half of spring, the queen emerges from her winter slumber to begin the task of building a nest and re-establishing a colony of wasps.

It is during this time that many people begin to see an increase in wasp activity, particularly if there is a wasp nest in close proximity, and wasp pest control soon becomes a priority for those who find themselves sharing their space with a nest.

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Fleas Pest Control


Flea pest control can be a challenging task for anyone. If you have a cat or dog, you know that fleas are a constant threat to both your pet and your own health. As with any infestation, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from a recurring and troublesome infestation. It is also important to enlist the services of a distinguished pest control company as a way of controlling fleas for the long-term.

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Cockroach Infestations

With the recent spell of good weather across London, many residents and businesses would be forgiven for thinking that the infestations you usually associate with winter have subsided. However, cockroach infestations are a year-round problem and it is important to be aware of their presence at any time.

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Bed Bugs Infestations


As is common at this time of year, bed bugs infestations are unfortunately an issue in the winter months, and in a city such as Greater London, an all too frequent occurrence. Unsurprisingly, bed bugs infestations are more common than you may realise and due to their penchant for human blood, London provides a ready supply of food for the little blighters.

Luckily there are solutions to bed bugs infestations and with the correct pest control measures, can be eliminated efficiently. Many people are unaware of just how crafty and persistent bed bugs can be. Fortunately we have the knowledge to help you understand these little critters a little better and the tools to eliminate them quickly.

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