Are You Worried about the Zika Virus?

Spring has finally arrived in the UK which means we can all breathe a sigh of relief as we hang up our winter coats – and reach for our umbrellas instead! Although the weather in spring typically warms up as we ease our way towards summer, it is also much wetter thanks to those April showers!

This combination of warm, wet weather means areas like your garden, and around water and trees will be swarmed with insects like mosquitoes, gnats, and midges.

These insects can be a little alarming if you find yourself in amongst a swarm, as well as slightly annoying if they bite you. Many people react to insect bites, but mosquito bites often cause the worst reactions.

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This year, there have been reports in the media about the Zika virus which can be transmitted by mosquito bites. Although the virus presents with a fever, a rash, muscle and joint pain and headaches as its primary symptoms (which can last up to a week), there have also been concerns over a link to birth defects in unborn children.

That being said, officials have stated that the virus only remains in the infected person’s blood for a week so it should not affect any future pregnancies.

Confirmed cases of the Zika virus have been reported in Africa, South America, and mainland USA. As there is currently no vaccine or virus-specific treatment available, it is important to remain vigilant against mosquitoes this spring.

A Few Facts about Zika

  • The Zika virus began in Africa and spread at an alarming rate
  • It is most commonly transmitted by the mosquito but was also found present in an old World primate
  • Eighty per cent of people infected show no symptoms
  • Over the counter, painkillers can help reduce symptoms
  • It is unlikely that mosquitos carrying the virus can be imported. However, travellers should be aware before travelling that there is an increased risk in certain areas
  • Insect and mosquito repellents can help protect you against the Zika virus

The Zika virus is not naturally found in the UK but there have reported cases in the UK this year, so if you suspect you might have a problem with mosquitoes in and around your home or business, then now is the time to act.

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