All About Carpet Beetles

No matter how carpet beetles enter your home, you will want them gone very quickly! Once just one carpet beetle makes its way onto your property, you will experience damage not only to your food but also your soft furnishings and carpets too.


Imagine a hairy grain of brown rice with a few stripes. That’s what carpet beetle larva looks like. Adults look like a small beetle. The colours can be beige, tan or brown. Some may ever be solid black. They are quite small, and can be hard to see unless you are really looking. This is why so many carpet beetle infestations in the UK go unnoticed. When you do notice a carpet beetle infestation in your London home, call in one of our trained professional technicians here at Pest Exterminators.


The name carpet beetle may fool you into thinking you can only find them in carpets. This isn’t true. Carpet beetles aren’t constrained just to carpeted areas. The damage carpet beetle larva can do can be found in your kitchen, furniture, bedding and clothing. They prefer natural materials like wool and silk. Carpet beetles will do their damage under heavy furniture where they won’t be disturbed. Check under your sofa regularly to make sure you’re not suffering from an infestation.

Another place you might find some carpet beetles is behind your skirting boards. They will love any dark and secluded place where they can find food and shelter. Some people have even found these pests lurking in their oven. Adult carpet beetles don’t tend to eat carpets as much as the larva. They will soon move on to eating your food and trying to find pollen to eat too.


Though carpet beetles move quite slowly, they can infest any home and cause a whole lot of damage along the way. Luckily, carpet beetles are quite easy to prevent from attacking and infesting your UK home. Removing clutter from around your home will make sure there are no places for carpet beetles to hide. Clean up any food and drink spills immediately so they have nothing to feed on. You also must keep up a regular vacuuming routine to help get rid of carpet beetle larva that may be hiding there.


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