Cockroach Myths Debunked

We’ve put together a great list of common misconceptions about cockroaches, an infamous pest.

Here’s the truth behind the myths!

Albino cockroaches are sterile and can’t reproduce.
Let’s be clear. There’s no such thing as an Albino cockroach! When you spot a white cockroach, they are actually just normal cockroaches that have recently moulted or shed their skin. In a few hours, their skin will harden back up and turn dark once again.

All cockroaches can fly.
Well, cockroaches actually do have wings, but most don’t fly. Our most common cockroaches that we come across in London don’t have the ability to fly. However there are some in other countries, such as America, that can fly.

A cockroach can live for months without a head.
Well not months…but a headless cockroach can live up to a week. But it will need some help! Because most of a cockroaches functions, like breathing, are on its body, the head becomes superfluous. There’s an exact science to keeping a cockroach alive once you’ve chopped its head off. But we don’t suggest you try it at home!

Cockroaches always need to be eating.
They can actually live for around a month without eating. Nevertheless, they do love to eat! Depending on the environment the cockroach lives in, it will adapt to its surroundings.

They are actually really clean insects.
HA! Cockroaches are one of the filthiest pests you will ever know. They can pick up viruses and diseases, then give them to us when they walk across food and dishes. Cockroaches really are gross!

They like to eat human hair and fingernails.
A cockroach would have to be starving to do this. If a cockroach was truly desperate, it probably would give you a little nibble, but it’s an extremely rare occurrence. Here’s a tip though…keep your ears covered if you have a roach infestation. They love a good ear canal!

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