5 Signs You Have Rats

Rats. They are one of the most disturbing pests to London homeowners (especially with the rise of the super-rat!) because the city is so riddled with them. Rats account for a significant proportion of our residential pest control call outs. Beyond the awful health hazards and damages they can cause to our property, just the idea of having rats infesting your space is enough to make your skin crawl. You will definitely want to get rid of rats in your house as soon as possible.


A rat infestation has to be identified and removed as quickly as possible. Being able to protect your home from rats means knowing when you have a problem with rats. Letting the signs go on for too long can have bad consequences. Rats will chew on wires throughout your home, which could cause a fire.

Here are 5 signs that you have a rat problem.

  1. Droppings – If you’ve noticed rat hair and droppings around your home, that’s a sign of a major problem. Having rats leave their droppings is a serious health risk, and can contaminate your food. If you do have to handle their faeces, make sure to take extreme care.
  2. Smell – A horrible or acrid smell in your home may mean that rats have infested. The smell comes from their urine, or maybe even dead rats inside your walls.
  3. Holes – Rats can dig their way through a lot of things, and that’s probably the most likely way that they gained entry to your home. One rat making a hole can create pathways for other rats to enter, causing an infestation. It also causes damage to the structure of your home.
  4. Noise – Scratching sounds coming from within your home may mean you have a rat problem. Rats love to chew and scamper around, so you may hear them before you see them. If you’ve noticed noises around your home, check out for the other signs immediately.
  5. Marks – Rats will chew everything in your home, so noticing bite marks around your home is a sure sign you have an infestation.

When you have see one or all of these signs, it’s time to get in touch with us. We can effectively handle rat infestations immediately. You need expert help to get rid of a pest infestation of any sort. Using the wrong methods can make the situation worse.


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