5 Pests You Find In Damp Places

What would happen if you threw a damp towel into a corner, then left it there for a few days? Well, it could become home to some really nasty bugs that like to hide in damp, dark places that are rarely visited.

All of these bugs could live in damp areas of your home for some time, especially places that lay undisturbed for months.


These are the most common bug associated with damp places. They’re not dangerous because they don’t transmit diseases, but they’re most certainly annoying! They eat things such as paper, sugar and hair. And in desperate times may even eat synthetic fabrics or each other. They can also live for over a year without eating anything at all.


These are tiny insects that are only a little bit bigger than the head of a pin. You will often find them in the pages of old books. This is because they like to eat the mould and mildew found on the glue and bindings, or even the leather covers. These little creatures need moist areas to be able to grow, which is why you will find them in damp, dark places.


These bugs come in a rainbow of different colours, but their identifiers are their furcula at the end of their abdomens. They will favour damp places and eat algae, decomposing vegetation, bacteria and fungi.


Woodlice prefer to live under rocks, and breed in decaying organic matter. These creatures aren’t actually bugs, they are land dwelling crustaceans. This is why they need to remain damp because they need to be able to breathe through their gills.


Centipedes hail from the Mediterranean, but can now be found all over the world. They love to snack on silverfish, and are classed as insectivores. You might find centipedes in your cellar or bathroom, making them the most likely to be found under damp towels!

Hopefully this has made you think twice about leaving those damp towels on the floor after that bath or shower. It will also make you seek out and eliminate any damp areas around your home. If you think you have a pest problem, call in the experts immediately.


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