10 Impressive Ant Facts

In a lot of ways, ants can outwit and outlast humans. They live in communities, which enables them to survive well. They can even thrive in conditions that would be challenging for individuals.

Ants can be a pest, there is no doubt about that. And we know all too well how many people in London need ant pest control to be carried. However, there are lots of strange and funny facts about ants. They might even convince you that they are the superior race!

Here are our top 10 impressive facts:

  1. Ants can carry objects 50 times their own body weight – They have very thick muscles, which allows them to produce more force and carry larger objects. If we had the muscle proportions of an ant, we’d be able to lift a car over our heads!
  2. Ants stop intruders from entering their nests with their heads – Soldier ants have heads that match the shape of the nest entrance. This means they can block access to the nest just by sitting in the entrance.
  3. Some ants defend plants for food and shelter – Ants can live in the hollows of plants stems, feeding on the sap. The ants will defend the plant they live in from other insects and mammals. They will even get rid of the weeds around it too.
  4. The biomass of ants on earth is almost equal to the biomass of humans – For every human being on earth, there is around 1.5 million ants. They live on every continent, apart from Antarctica.
  5. Ants may sometimes tend to other insects – To keep sugary sap in great supply, ants will herd other insects. These include aphids, who ants carry from plant to plant.
  6. Ants will enslave other ants – Some species will take captives from other species. They then force them to do the housework around the colony.
  7. Ants were around with the dinosaurs – Ants evolved around 130 million years ago. They have a very long evolutionary line.
  8. Ants like farming – Fungus farming ants raise their own crops so they can eat.
  9. Some ants form supercolonies that can stretch for miles – Because they are so many ants in some parts of the world, they bump into each other a lot. This leads them to form massive communities that all work together.
  10. Ants follow scent trails to gather food Foraging ants are so efficient because of the pheromone trails left by other ants from the colony.

It’s possible these 10 ant facts haven’t made you any more keen on ants. So, if you want them gone, give Pest Exterminators a call now.


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